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How Auto Detailing Can Be a Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day

How Auto Detailing Can Be a Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day

How Auto Detailing Can Be a Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day

Did you know that 181.9 million Americans will spend around $19.2 billion for Valentine’s Day gifts in 2020? That amounts to an average expenditure of $110 for a single gift for Valentine’s Day! Common gifts on this occasion are candies, greeting cards, flowers, romantic dinners, wines, and jewelry, among others. Each gift is to show how much the giver cares for the receiver.

But have you thought about giving your loved one a complete auto detailing service? Why should you choose this as a gift for Valentine’s Day, anyway?

Gift for Valentine’s Day: Why Auto Detailing?

1. It Will Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

A complete auto detailing service cleans your car inside and out. The headlights are restored, which can improve visibility, thus avoiding accidents. The engine bay gets its share of cleaning, so the chances of road fires due to undetected faulty wiring are minimal, if not entirely lacking. The service also includes steam cleaning and sanitizing your vehicle’s interior, both keeping your interior free from harmful germs and bacteria. All these can help promote your children’s health and well-being. Not bad for a gift for Valentine’s Day, right?

2. It Will Give Them a Sense of Pride

Have you ever seen a nice, shiny car drive past you? Didn’t you take a second glance to admire it? The same goes for your loved one’s car. Passers-by will take a second look. Neighbors will tell them how beautiful their car is – maybe even ask them how they do so. Imagine the pride they’ll feel for getting praise on their ride’s beauty?

And if you get an eco car detailing service as their gift for Valentine’s Day, they’ll be prouder because they’ll be part of something great – saving the environment.

3. A Gift for Valentine’s Day to Boost Your Loved One’s Confidence

No matter how you put it, driving in a squeaky clean and ultra shiny car does boost confidence. Your loved one will not have second thoughts about parking their vehicle in public garages, in front of luxury places, or even on your street. It’s because they’re confident about their drive.

4. Auto Detailing Extends the Life of Your Loved One’s Vehicle

One of the main purposes of an auto detailing service is to keep your vehicle performing at its peak for a long time. For example, waxing forms a protective barrier against stone chips, sand and other contaminants. Thus, incidences of scratches are minimized. When there’s no scratch, rust can be a thing of the past. Well-maintained carpets and upholstery protect the metal underneath. This also helps minimize, if not totally eliminate, premature rusting. A clean engine eliminates the chances of engine fires, which can lead to accidents and costly body repairs.

5. Your Loved One Can Save Time and Money with This Gift for Valentine’s Day

But a professional car detailing service costs so much more than an ordinary car wash, so how can your loved one save money from it, you say?

For one, your loved one’s car will look clean and shiny longer. A good exterior waxing and polishing can keep it beautiful and shiny for six months to a year, depending on his or her location and the wax quality. Imagine how many car wash trips he or she will save for six months?

Second, since his or her car will be germ and bacteria-free, he and his passengers will be safe from the hazards that these microorganisms can bring. No extra money needed to buy medications for respiratory or skin allergies.

Third, he’ll also save lots of cash from not needing body repairs. His car’s paint will be protected against stone chips, sand and other contaminants that can scratch it.

And yes, it’s a very practical gift, because it’s something any car owner needs.  You can even double the practicality and convenience by booking a mobile service or buying a gift certificate online.

6. It Will Help Them Enjoy Special Occasions

What does sometimes prevent people from enjoying special days like Valentine’s Day? Busyness – day and night. Instead of celebrating the occasion, they use the time to catch up with work, household chores, or cleaning up their car. Presenting them with an auto detailing service as a gift for Valentine’s Day will relieve them of one less duty and give them sufficient time to enjoy the occasion with you.

7. It Will Increase the Resale Value of Their Car

Picture this – you want to buy a second-hand car. Now, you are offered two vehicles of the same model, bought on the same year, and with the same number of miles on the odometer. The first one, which is lower-priced, has worn-out carpets, dull chrome finishes, and chipping paint here and there. So, you move over to the second car, which looks better. You inspect its interior. Everything looks great, from the shiny dashboard down to the spotlessly clean carpets. You check the engine bay and you’re impressed with its cleanliness – no oily gunk at all! However, it costs more than the first car.

Which one would you gladly pay for? If you’re a car enthusiast, we bet you’d gladly part with your money for the second car. You know that it will last longer, because it has been cared for by professionals that use the best tools, equipment and materials to get that superior clean. Similarly, when your loved one thinks of putting his or her vehicle for sale, he’ll get so much more. Bingo – you have given your partner with a super practical gift for Valentine’s Day that may also help them secure some more cash for the family.

A complete auto detailing service may not sound sexy and romantic. But considering the benefits it can provide to your loved one – don’t you think it’s one of the best gift ideas for car enthusiasts this Valentine’s Day? Check out the nearest DetailXPerts location and book an appointment right away to secure a professional auto detailing service on time for Valentine’s Day!

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