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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Car-Loving Mom

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Car-Loving Mom

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Car-Loving Mom

Running out of Mother’s Day gift ideas? If your mom treats her car like her best bud, why not give her gifts that will make her driving more pleasurable? No, we’re not talking about the usual car mats or backseat organizers. What we have here is a list of not so common Mother’s Day gift ideas that will surely make your mom’s eyes glitter with joy.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2019

Here are some gift ideas for the most valuable female in the house.

1. A Stylish, Leather-Covered Steering Wheel

We know that as a car lover, your mom takes special care of her car, including the steering wheel. We bet it’s always clean – but a stylish, leather-covered steering wheel will no doubt be highly appreciated. Choose one that will enhance her car’s appearance while providing a better, sweat-free grip while driving.

2. Remote Keyless Entry

Perhaps the most important benefit of a remote keyless entry is convenience. And wouldn’t you want to gift your mom with something that will provide her with utmost comfort and convenience? A remote enables her to open her car without rummaging in her bag in search for her car keys. Plus, she can say goodbye to an icy car during a cold, winter morning. Her remote can start the heater a few minutes before she rides her car.

3. Sound System Enhancement

If your mom loves listening to music in her car, this is one of the Mother’s Day gift ideas that will double her pleasure! Of course, the sound system that came with her car is good – but not as great as aftermarket ones.

Check her car’s existing sound system to see what enhancements it needs. Amplifier? Subwoofer? Head unit? Speakers? Then browse online stores to compare brands and prices.

4. Customized Sun Shade

One of the loveliest gift ideas for car enthusiasts is a customized sun shade. A sun shade not only keeps a car’s interior cool on hot summer days; it also protects it (the interior) from UV damage. Since these beauties are available in different colors and designs, you can have one customized for your mom. If she’s a die-hard cartoon lover, for example, have a sun shade made with her favorite cartoon character and she’ll love you for it!

5. Personalized Car Brand Shirts

No matter what age, shirts bearing vehicle brand names are a welcome gift – especially for people who love cars. Have your mom’s name printed on the shirt to give it a more personal touch. She can wear her Honda, Toyota, or Ferrari shirt in group meetups or car shows – and remember you whenever she does. This is one of the gifts for car owners she’ll definitely appreciate.

6. Vent Air Freshener Clips

Who doesn’t want to ride in a car that smells fresh and clean? Just attach a couple of air freshener clips on your mom’s car’s vents. And to benefit her health, use essential oils – lavender, peppermint, chamomile – and she’ll feel calm and relaxed as she drives.

7. Auto Detailing Gift Certificate

What’s one of the best gift ideas for your mom’s car? An auto detailing or car wash gift certificate! She knows her prized possession deserves special treatment. To her, her car is more than a vehicle that takes her from point A to point B. How she would love to see her car being given a spa-like treatment from top to bottom! Go give her car that showroom-shiny finish on mother’s Day and beyond!

And when it comes to auto detailing services, trust DetailXPerts. Not only do we make cars clean and shiny. Everything will be convenient for you. Our online ordering process is simple and flexible, allowing you, the gift giver to select the $ amount, add a personal note, and choose how to give the certificate. You can send it online or print it and present it to your mom personally.

Your mom is a special woman. She deserves all the love you can give. It’s Mother’s Day around the world, after all!

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