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How to Steam Clean Car Rims

How to Steam Clean Car Rims

How to Steam Clean Car Rims

Some car owners are meticulous enough to include certain easy-to-neglect parts of their car during every cleaning chore, such as the wheel arches and tire rims. You might not consider your tires (and the entire wheel area in general) as an integral part of your car, but they actually bear the brunt of your everyday travels. The tires and wheel wells are exposed to contaminants, road dirt, and brake dust every time you drive.

Your car is not completely clean if the tires and car rims are in dire need of some attention. A flashy, shiny paint-job can only take you so far, because the dust and mud marks on your tires can destroy the impressive look you’re going for.

Dish washing soap and water can work only up to a certain point, and soon enough you will need to turn to something a little stronger—but still gentle—to get rid of the dirt on your car rim.

Here’s what you can do to steam clean your car rims and bag that comprehensive clean that you’ve always wanted:

  1. Direct the steam clean nozzle on the tire rims.

    That’s right—you don’t need to prep the car rims in any way before you can eliminate those ugly dirt marks marring the beautiful finish of your car rims. Car rims and tires are among the most expensive exterior components of your vehicle, so protecting and preserving them should be at the top of your car care list. Using steam on a dirty car rim will immediately break up the encrusted dirt. You don’t need to apply any harsh chemical solution on the surface and allow it to soak for a specified number of minutes before you can work away at the dirt.

  2. Wipe away the leftover dirt with a non-abrasive wash cloth.

    Your car rim can be easily scratched by pebbles or sharp objects. Improper cleaning tools can add to the damage. Be sure to use only soft, non-abrasive cloths when wiping away at the dirt that may still be clinging onto the car rim. After repeated wipes, you will notice that the metal finish will regain some of its sparkle. Only the worst contaminants will be left clinging on your car rim, but if you can live with them for a little longer, you don’t have to replace the rims altogether just yet.

  3. While you’re at it, you can steam clean the wheel arch as well.

    Just repeat the process for steam cleaning the car rim and you’ll instantly notice how much brighter and snazzier your car will look after you’re done cleaning the rims and arches.

  4. Don’t forget to apply a good rim protectant product to lock in that shiny look.

Steam cleaning your car rims is by far the quickest, most efficient, and most eco-friendly way you can care for them. If you don’t feel like DIY detail today,

Call 877-317-9737 to schedule your appointment with DetailXPerts!


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