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How to Detail Tires and Wheels?

How to Detail Tires and Wheels?

How to Detail Tires and Wheels?

Detailing your car tires and wheels is not only for the sake of appearances but it is also required as a part of preventative maintenance as well. Allowing the brake dust to sit on the car wheels for a long time can cause the dust to damage the coating. Brake dust is composed of an adhesive material and with the friction and heat that is generated in the wheels; the mixture can get very corrosive. The more frequently you use your car, the more brake dust will be produced in the process. If you are looking forward to keep your tires and wheels safe, then you must indulge in frequent cleaning. However, if you are unable to give a good wash to your car, then you must seek the help of auto detailers who will be more than happy to help you.

Steps to detail tires and wheels

  1. While washing your car, ensure that the tires and wheels are cleaned first. In this way, you can make sure that grime or overspray will not splash onto the already cleaned parts. Always use a separate wash and rinse bucket and bristle brush for cleaning tires and wheels.
  2. Choosing the right cleaner as per the type of wheels you have is a must. For instance, you must understand that chrome and roughcast aluminum do not go well with strong cleaners. Always read the label on the cleaner before you use it on your car tires and wheels. In case you are not sure about the composition of your wheels, then you must go in for a cleaner that can be used on all kinds of wheels.There are several kinds of tire and wheel brushes which are available in the market and you should go in for the one which has feathered bristles as it will be ideal for the wheels as this will prevent scratching on the wheels. However, tires require a stronger brush for scrubbing the rubber. Before scrubbing the tires, apply a little amount of elbow grease which will help to take off the old dressings.
  3. When you start out on cleaning your tires and wheels, make sure that you clean one set at a time so that the cleaner does not get dried up. Once you wash and clean one tire, rinse it with a jet of water before you start with the next tire.
  4. After cleaning, drying the wheels is a must. Use a separate terry cloth towel to dry the wheels. If you dry your tires and wheels properly, you can prevent the formation of water spots and the brake dust can be easily removed in this manner.
  5. Waxing your wheels is a must after cleaning and drying them, and you can do this by applying a good quality wheel protectant so as to seal the surface of the wheel.
  6. Dressing your tire is also important and you must go in for a superior quality tire dressing and apply thin layer of coat over the tires and give them proper time to dry off before you drive your car.

By following the above steps, you can easily detail your tires and wheels at home. Perhaps, your tires and wheels are not the only thing that needs to be detailed. Some of the other toys we have at home may need a good detailing. For instance, your motorcycle or boat may need a good down to earth detailing. However, if you are looking for a professional kind of look, you should visit a professional detailing service for this purpose.


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