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How Car Modifications Change the Way You Detail Your Car

How Car Modifications Change the Way You Detail Your Car

How Car Modifications Change the Way You Detail Your Car

Souped-up, altered, modified. That’s how modified cars are called, regardless of how many alterations they have. Car modifications can be as simple as removing the license plate (when allowed in the state) or something as complex as attaching a supercharger. And even if some car mods can void a vehicle’s insurance and warranty, people still get them to improve their ride’s appearance and performance. The question is, do cars with mods require special cleaning? Does having a modification change the way you detail your car?

It depends on the types of car modifications you make on your vehicle. A steering wheel cover or a dashboard kit won’t affect the way you clean your car. So, which car modifications should you pay special attention to? Read on and find out.

Car Modifications That Require Cleaning Modifications

Leather Car Seats

Leather car seats add a touch of elegance to your car, but these beauties require special care. You can’t clean them as you would other car seat materials. Detergents and dish washing liquids are a definite no-no for leather seats. They need a dedicated product to clean them thoroughly and conditioner to prevent them from cracking prematurely. There’s a proper way to get stains out of leather car seats and to condition them.

Window Tints

Window tints give you some privacy from onlookers. Additionally, these car modifications allow you to drive safely, because they prevent glare from extreme light. To top it off, they also protect your upholstery, keep your car cool, and safeguard you and your passengers from the harsh effects of the sun’s UV rays.

Do take note, however, that cleaning tinted car windows is different from cleaning non-tinted ones. You can use a gentle glass cleaner on the exterior, but for the interior, only water and a soft towel will do to prevent damaging the tint.

Vinyl Wrap

A vinyl wrap enhances the beauty of a vehicle, protects it from UV rays, stone chips, sand, dust, grime, bird droppings, tree sap, and more. However, you should not clean a vinyl-wrapped car the way you would a non-wrapped vehicle.

How to wash a vinyl-wrapped car, then? Use a product that’s specifically created for this type of wrap. Do your cleaning in a shaded area. Scrub the surface as gently as you can to prevent scratches. Do not soak any area of your wrap because moisture can seep in. Should you wax? Ask your detailer to be on the safe side.

Matte Paint

For some people, matte-painted cars simply look cool and attractive – like a rendered image of a car. That’s why it has become an option when buying a new car. However, some people choose to modify their car with this paint option.

If you decide to go for it, be aware that it will automatically void your warranty and may affect the terms of your car insurance.

How does this car mod change the way you detail your car? For one, hand washing is the only way to clean it best. Express car detailing, with its stiff brushes, might scratch this expensive alteration. Second, you can only use products specifically created for matte paint. Third, you can’t buff or wax it as these will make your car shine – which will defy your purpose for altering your car’s paint.

Fiberglass Body Kit

If you have car modifications with fiberglass body kit fitted on, be aware that although this material is generally considered durable, it scratches easily. Hence, if you intend to clean it on your own, make sure you use non-abrasive tools and materials. A soft cloth and a mild cleaner will do. You can also opt for a vinegar wash. Just put equal amounts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the fiberglass then wipe off immediately.

Car Modifications with Decals

Decals are used to improve the aesthetics of a car (like those handsome stripes), spread awareness for a brand (company logo decal), or for whatever you fancy. But how do decals car modifications change the way you clean your car? You can’t take your vehicle to a car wash that has giant brushes and rags. The stiff brushes might catch the edge of the decal and damage it beyond repair.

Instead, hand wash your car as you would, using soft towels for washing and drying and a gentle car wash soap only. Stay away from rubbing compounds or other auto detailing products that contain abrasives. If the decals have molds on them, put some car wash shampoo on a towel then apply this on the decals. Let stand for a few minutes then rinse.

Wide-Body Kit

One of the most common car modifications which used to trend some years ago is the wide-body kit. It’s a set of body parts that enhances or alters a vehicle’s appearance. Body kits include bumpers, side skirts, and bonnets (bonnet scoop), and sometimes front and rear side guards and roof scoops.

How does a wide body kit change the way you clean your car? You’ll need to detail your car’s exterior a notch higher. You’ll have to use small, specialized brushes to clean the parts where the body kit and the car’s surface meet. This is to ensure complete removal of contaminants that, if unattended, may cause premature damage to your vehicle.

Here’s an example. If you do not clean that area where the side skirt is attached, it will accumulate mud and other contaminants that might cause premature rusting to the side of your vehicle.

Car Modifications with Underglow Lighting

Thanks to the movie “Fast and Furious” for these car modifications! But no thanks because some light colors (if not all) are considered illegal in some states because they distract other drivers.

If you intend to alter your car with this mod, prepare yourself for some extra work. Why? The undercarriage of your car takes a lot of beating from road contaminants – mud, stone chips, sand, animal waste, rotting vegetation, road salt, and more. That’s why the best way to clean the undercarriage of a car is by using a pressure wash as this dislodges most contaminants.

Now, picture this: since the underglow lighting is attached to the undercarriage with screws, bolts, or specialized clips, chances are, there will be minute contaminants trapped between the undercarriage and the lighting. Not to mention that the undercarriage gets wet with dirty water from potholes or rained-on streets. We all know that contaminants + moisture = premature rusting! This means you’ll have to put a lot of elbow grease to ensure complete removal of contaminants when you detail your car.

There are other car modifications that can change the way you clean your vehicle. Now, if you want these alterations but not the work that goes with their proper cleaning and maintenance, consider scheduling an appointment with DetailXPerts. We’ll have your car professionally detailed.

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