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How to Remove Bird Droppings from Cars?

How to Remove Bird Droppings from Cars?

How to Remove Bird Droppings from Cars?

With spring and summer come birds that sing. However, these lovely creatures also leave one of the most common issues that vehicle owners face – droppings. So how to remove bird droppings from your car if these beauties have chosen your vehicle as their newest restroom?

Aside from being unsightly, bird droppings leave etch marks that can be difficult or even impossible to remove. Bird droppings contain caustic substances that can permanently damage the finish of a car.

As the droppings might also contain grit, they can scratch the car’s finish, especially when you try to rub them off. Bird droppings can easily harden on a sunny day, causing more damage to your car’s exterior than coarse sandpaper. There are several home remedies which can be used  for removing bird droppings but if they have hardened into a dry mess then you will certainly require the advanced facilities of auto detailers.

How to Remove Bird Droppings

  1. Catch the droppings early: As soon as you see bird droppings on your car, wipe them off carefully and clean the affected area. Doing so will protect your car’s paint from stains caused by droppings. However, it is not always possible to do so. For bird droppings that have already dried up, you certainly need more help than just wiping and cleaning with water. Remove the droppings, then follow the succeeding steps.
  2. Wash with water: Wash the exterior of the car with water. As water is a universal solvent, it will help to soften the droppings. It is important to soften the droppings before you attempt to scrub and clean them off.
  3. Use a cleaning liquid: Cleaning liquids specially made for removing bird droppings are available in the market. We recommend organic products as these do not contain harsh chemicals that might damage your car’s paint further. If you prefer home remedies, you can use the juice of citrus fruits like oranges and lemons; witch hazel; or wintergreen.
  4. Application: Mix the fluid according to the directions indicated on the bottle. Pour some of the fluid onto the soft cloth and rub the cloth on the affected area.
  5. Removing the tough bird droppings: You can pour some of the fluid directly onto the area of the bird droppings. Leave the fluid for a few minutes to soften the droppings. Then, take a clean cloth and gently rub off the droppings. For very tough and hard droppings, you can make use of non-scratch sponge.

Removing bird droppings can prove to be a very difficult task if you leave it out for a long time. For bird droppings which are impossible to remove at home, you should send your car for an intensive cleaning spree at an expert mobile auto detailing service.

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