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How to Clean Tinted Car Windows

How to Clean Tinted Car Windows

How to Clean Tinted Car Windows

If you thought that having your windows tinted means that you will not have to clean them regularly, think again. Whether your windows are tinted or are transparent as a looking glass, you will still need to exert considerable effort in cleaning them every now and then. The only difference is in the products that you will use for each type of window. Tinted car windows require special cleaning products that will help keep them flawless, without encouraging peeling off or cracking.

Keeping your tinted windows clean from the exterior

The best way to clean your car windows is to use an effective yet gentle glass cleaner that will break up the dirt, muck, dust, and other stuff clinging onto tinted your car windows. Be careful not to pick up an ammonia-based cleaner as this will harm the tinting film as well as the glass material itself. A pH-neutral soap or dishwashing liquid can do the job just as well if you’re not keen on buying a host of commercial glass cleaners.

If your car windows are extremely dirty,

it might be a good idea to brush the surface first with a soft, dry cloth to dislodge the dirt and debris. This way, you can already get rid of the larger pieces of dirt and prevent them from scratching the tinting film as they slide off the windows when you hose the car.

Once you’ve sprayed on the glass cleaner and allowed it to soak through, use a microfiber washcloth to pick up the dirt and wipe them off your vehicle forever. Stay away from steel wool, scrapers, scourers, and other abrasive cleaning tools that can potentially harm your tinted windows. Rubber-bladed squeegees are fine if you really want to finish the job as quickly as possible and have no patience for scrubbing away at small areas of your tinted car windows one at a time.

Cleaning your tinted car windows from the inside

For cleaning tinted car windows from the inside, be sure to use only water without any cleaning product mixed in. Using a glass cleaner may damage the tint, encouraging it to deform or peel off the glass. Wet a washcloth or paper towel with water and carefully wipe down your tinted car windows in vertical strokes.

When working at the top edges of your car windows, make sure that you wipe in the direction of the edge of the tinting film. Wiping in the opposite direction might disturb the tinting film and cause it to peel off. If you see small air bubbles beginning to form on various portions of the tinting film, use a credit card wrapped in a paper towel to push them out. Work on the air bubbles closest to the edge of the film and push them out slowly. You can also pop them with a needle if necessary. At any rate, be careful not to tear or stretch the tinting film too much.

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