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Express Car Detailing – Advantages and Disadvantages

Express Car Detailing – Advantages and Disadvantages

Express Car Detailing – Advantages and Disadvantages

There are days when you have the time and the money to call in your trusted mobile detailing expert to perform detailing services at your home or office garage. There are also days when you can take out the microfiber wash mittens, car shampoo, and bucket and attack the dirt on your car on your own. And then there are days when you don’t have the cash to shell out for professional detailing, but need to get your car cleaned and wax ASAP. What do you do then? Our suggestions is express car detailing!

Go for Express Car Detailing

Fortunately, even if you don’t have that much time—and far less money—to spend for your vehicle’s upkeep, you do have the option of availing of express car detailing services. Just because this type of car cleaning is named express doesn’t mean that you won’t get your money’s worth in results.

Express Car Detailing Delivers the best Possible Quality Services at the Shortest Possible Time

Say it’s a Friday night and you’re headed out to the country tomorrow for a dawn wedding. Upon coming home, you realized that your car is in no shape to be driven and parked alongside all the posh vehicles of your relatives and friends back home. So you dial up an express detailing company and ask them to come to your home address for a quick once-over with a vehicle.

It’s that easy, really. A full-service detailing job can last anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half, depending on how muddy and dirty your vehicle is, but an express detailing job can last for less than hour, tops. That means that you can be in bed and take your beauty sleep earlier, and still have your car cleaned and polished for the next day’s festivities.

However, don’t expect that your car’s shiny new look will last long. Express detailing is meant to restore your car’s beauty in a jiffy, but the results are less likely to remain as long as a full-on detailing job.


• Takes up less time: your car is cleaned in under thirty minutes.
• Focuses on only the areas that require cleaning.
• For some companies, no appointment is necessary—just show up with your car and wait for the service to be finished
• Good value for your money
• Best option for when you really, really need a quick fix for your car


• Results may not last as long as a full-on detailing job
• Not recommended in terms of long-term maintenance for your car
•Uses up a lot of chemical products that may not always be environmentally-friendly

If you have the time today and you do need professional detailing services performed on your vehicle, schedule your appointment now!


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