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DetailXPerts is the world’s first eco-friendly steam car detailer franchise. Our unique patent-pending technology saves tons of water. Thousands of satisfied customers around the country and beyond its borders recognize its uniqueness, brilliant results and environmental friendliness.

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6 Reasons Why Building Managers Love Our Eco-Friendly Janitorial Service

Eco-Friendly Janitorial Service

6 Reasons Why Building Managers Love Our Eco-Friendly Janitorial Service

Hiring a reliable janitorial service makes a lot of sense. For one, it ensures a clean and healthy environment for your employees or customers. Also, outsourcing cleaning saves you time because an expert team knows how to clean quickly and efficiently.

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Understandably, you want to work with the right people, and that’s where DetailXPerts can help! We have the expertise and tools to restore your work or social space to its cleanest state. Furthermore, our cleaning methods are powered by green tech. Our mission is to help protect your people and the planet while ensuring the best-ever clean.

6 Reasons to Love Our Janitorial Service

DetailXPerts continues to win contracts thanks to our mobile cleaning capabilities. Smaller businesses and larger corporations all benefit from our eco approach. Here are 6 reasons why our ever-growing client base loves our janitorial service.


  1. We’re Green! Steam Makes Our Janitorial Service Unique

We trust the science behind steam to clean and sanitize your facilities to the highest standard, and so do our clients after seeing our work. Our proven steam technology breaks down dirt and destroys germs and viruses. Using steam with safe cleaning products lets us sanitize your facility – inside and out – without wasting water.

DetailXPerts is an environmentally compliant mobile cleaning business. We use certified eco-friendly methods and products where possible to ensure a greener, healthier work or social space. This appeals to building managers who want to make their businesses more sustainable. We are OSHA compliant, too.


  1. Clients Trust Our Cleaners to Show up

Building managers love that our team shows up on time, every time. Our punctuality and professionalism in the workplace don’t go unnoticed. We also know our clients like to work with the same faces. And we can make this happen because we hold on to great talent. DetailXPerts’ family vibe creates a positive work culture. Our employees feel valued and appreciated in the workplace. So, they stay with us. And we become stronger as a team as a result.

We have fostered a deep trust with our clients. And now our happy and loyal customers are brand advocates. Read what they have to say here: 6 Organizational Leaders Who Trust DetailXPerts Share Why. Their trust confirms that we offer them a better service and higher quality than anyone else.


  1. Best in Class Quality

Our clients know what to expect from us. We provide peace of mind. DetailXPerts has trained and experienced staff. They all work with the latest green tech and commercial cleaning equipment. Our team also uses checklists and schedules to make sure each job is done right. These orderly methods and attention to detail keep building managers happy.

Regular quality assurance checks also give facility managers complete confidence in our service. We assess training and staffing to make sure we always deliver a top service. We also manage multiple contracts without ever compromising the quality of our work.


  1. Clients Love Our Personalized Service

We know building managers love a contract tailored to their needs. It makes them feel valued and special. And it’s one of the reasons why they’d prefer hiring a commercial cleaning firm over doing it themselves. Therefore, we work hard to fulfil their cleaning needs and address pain points. Our flexible approach allows clients to scale up and down their requirements. For example, we can deep clean your building more often during busier times. Then revert to a regular schedule when requested. Service add-ons also impress them.

Furthermore, our clients form excellent working relationships with our employees. Customer feedback often highlights our good communication. DetailXPerts takes pride in a “people first” attitude. Moreover, our efforts have been officially recognized. We made the top 3 in our category for America’s Best Customer Service 2022.


  1. We Create Safe and Sanitized Spaces for People to Thrive

Since COVID-19, people are more aware of cleaning measures in public spaces and meeting places. So, they feel more comfortable if they know management is taking proper steps to prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

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For example, DetailXPerts can reset spaces with its “safe and clean with steam” sanitization program. Our green tech and EPA-approved disinfectants kill more than 99.9% of germs. This high level of service keeps everyone happy.


  1. Our Janitorial Service Is Great for Your Business

Let’s not forget that building managers love our mobile cleaning service because it is good for business. For example, our office cleaning services create a germ-free zone. Promoting a health and wellness culture at work helps protect employees from sickness and flu. And reducing sick leave is key to increasing output – and profits!

The same goes for restaurant cleaning services. High hygiene standards are essential in food-serving places. If your standards slip, so do your profits. That’s why our janitorial service is worth it. High-level cleaning can have a positive impact on your bottom line.



There are many reasons why building managers love our janitorial service. For example, our clients trust us. Our green tech is safe. And our loyal staff is reliable and honest. They deliver a top rate clean each time.

To sum up, DetailXPerts has 20+ years in the mobile cleaning business. We have honed our skills and built an excellent reputation during this time. Moreover, we have attracted and earned customer loyalty. They love that we clean and sanitize with steam while protecting the planet.

However, we know that outsourcing your cleaning is a big decision. To help you get it right, see our guide: Everything You Need to Know Before Hiring a Janitorial Service.

Janitorial Service Guide

You can also follow this link to schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts. Our mobile teams are passionate about providing the best service. Your building clean is in safe hands. Satisfaction guaranteed.


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