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Commercial Cleaning Truths Uncovered


Commercial Cleaning Truths Uncovered

Hiring commercial cleaning services can sometimes be a hit or a miss. Too often, clients are frustrated due to poor service or cleaners not turning up. Yet, there are good firms out there. You just need to know what to look for in a reliable commercial cleaning company. And where to find them.

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Commercial Cleaning Truths You Need to Know Before Hiring

Cleaning is a competitive industry. Statistics reveal over 1.2 million janitorial services businesses in the US as of 2023. This is up 4.9% from 2022. And while a booming market gives you more choices, it can also raise questions. Who is the right fit for the job? Do they clean well? Is it worth it? Here are the commercial cleaning truths you should know before hiring.


Not Everyone Cleans the Same

You might think professional cleaning companies use similar commercial cleaning equipment. Or follow a standard checklist to ensure a brilliant clean. But this is not the case. There is no industry playbook that guarantees everyone cleans to the same high standards.

For example, some firms use basic tools to clean facilities. Others, such as DetailXPerts, adopt the latest technology to clean and sanitize for a superior clean. We also use checklists to provide immaculate results, every time.


Some Cleaning Companies Are Not as Green as You Think

Global research reveals businesses are spending more money on cleaning since the pandemic. They want to create a healthier working environment to support employee wellness. Consequently, there is a demand for eco-friendly janitorial services to ensure the safest clean.

However, not all commercial cleaning companies are as green as you think. Watch out for “greenwashing”. This is when firms exaggerate their environmental credentials. Or mislead customers with vague claims about sustainability. So be sure to fact check first. DetailXPerts has operated as a green business from the start. We use the science behind steam cleaning and biodegradable products to bring you a greener clean. Read our sustainability statement here.


High Employee Turnover is a Problem in the Cleaning Industry

A shortage of qualified and reliable cleaners is a problem in the industry. The nature of the work, the use of products that may have harmful chemicals, and unsociable hours turn people away from this work. And these labor shortages put stress on the hiring process. As a result, finding a good cleaning team can be hard.

So, how do successful cleaning companies keep a loyal workforce? DetailXPerts creates an inclusive family environment. We support our employees with ongoing training. Also, we equip them with the latest green tech. And this makes their job easier, and safer. Our goal is to empower and educate our team. We want to give them a sense of purpose and belonging. Moreover, our steam methods protect the health of people and the planet.


Not All Professional Cleaning Methods Kill Workplace Germs

Workplace hygiene research uncovers more truths about commercial cleaning. According to healthcare reports, there are more than 10 million bacteria on an office desk. But some cleaning methods, such as soap and water, are not enough to halt the spread of these germs.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) explains the need for sanitizing and disinfecting. It kills harmful pathogens that remain on surfaces after cleaning. And this helps to lower the spread of viruses and sickness. DetailXPerts can use steam to sanitize your workspace. Our methods kill germs on desks, phones, and other high touch points.


The Truth About Commercial Cleaning Costs

It is natural to have concerns about professional cleaning costs. For example, a common misconception is that it is always more cost-effective to do your cleaning in-house. However, the truth is you must look beyond the cost and think about “value” and the benefits of hiring cleaning professionals. For example:

  • You benefit from a cleaning company’s experience and qualifications
  • You do not have to train an employee to clean your facilities
  • Outsourcing cleaning saves you time
  • Professional cleaning and sanitization in the office can help to reduce sick days

Yes, there is a cost involved with hiring a cleaning company. But there is also great value. Especially when you partner with a reliable firm. 


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Commercial Cleaning Can Make People Feel Less Stressed

A recent Employee Safety Report says that 79% of employees are more concerned about their health and wellbeing than ever before. Post-pandemic, people have higher expectations about hygiene at work and public spaces.

Therefore, more managers are turning to office cleaning services to ensure employee wellness. A clean and sanitized space promotes a healthier environment. In turn, people are happier at work, and feel less stressed about becoming ill.


Health and Safety Standards Vary Between Companies

Janitorial and cleaning companies should keep their team safe at work. However, this does not mean that everyone does. So, watch out! Hire a company that protects its team from hazardous cleaning chemicals and accidents in the workplace. Ask to see the cleaning firm’s OSHA certification and other safety training, see below.


Not All Cleaning Teams Are Offered Proper Training 

Some firms provide high-level training for their cleaners and management teams. Others offer the bare minimum. Consequently, you might not get the best service if your cleaners have had inadequate or no training. So, find this out before you hire.

DetailXPerts provides robust training programs to support its teams. This includes ongoing coaching on the latest technology and best practices. And we educate on health and safety at work. Our supervisor training also ensures team managers meet all your contract needs.


You Do Not Have to Settle for a “One Size Fits All” Cleaning Contract

Another commercial cleaning misconception is that cleaning contracts are set in stone. This is not true. Contracts can be customized! You just need to partner with a cleaning firm that understands your needs and schedule.

Great communication between the client and cleaning project manager is key to a happy working relationship. For instance, DetailXPerts’ team leaders will liaise closely with you to ensure you are happy with your contract. And our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.



Knowing these commercial cleaning truths will help you to hire confidently and compliantly. It is important to do research and be mindful of industry misconceptions. Are companies truthful about their greenness? Do they embellish the benefits of their services? Inquiring about training, costs, and equipment is also a good idea. Finding out the performance capabilities of cleaning companies will help you hire with confidence, too.

CLICK NOW to access our free ebook: Everything You Need to Know Before Hiring a Janitorial Service. It has lots of advice and tips when you want to hire a top company to clean your public or commercial space.

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DetailXPerts has 20+ years of experience in mobile cleaning. Janitorial services, auto detailing, and fleet cleaning, we do it all! We believe a better clean begins eco green. Our difference is proven green tech and eco methods to clean and sanitize on demand. And you can trust our trained teams to show up and transform your spaces in the safest way. Please get in touch if you want to schedule a cleaning or have questions about how we clean. Our team loves to share how we achieve safe sanitization with steam. We write about everything from cleaning to franchising. So be sure to check back for our next article.


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