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Medical Office Cleaning – Can Anyone Do it?

Medical Office Cleaning Can Anyone Do it

Medical Office Cleaning – Can Anyone Do it?

A medical office is a designated office space that people specifically use for medical and other health-related services. It can be a doctor’s office, or an office that other professionals use in the medical and associated sectors. Nurse practitioners, dentists, optometrists and osteopaths are other typical users. It could even be an office in a veterinary practice. This type of office is typically in a health care environment. That is why high-level medical office cleaning is paramount to safeguard the health and wellbeing of patients and staff.

Choosing the Best Service Provider for Medical Office Cleaning

Can anyone do this type of cleaning work? No, it requires both experience and expertise. One should adhere to all necessary precautions, so make sure you hire the right team or person for the job. The team need to follow all protocols as well as specialized deep-clean services or a sanitization program. Here are other important points to bear in mind:

Permits and Certification for Medical Office Cleaning

Companies offering medical office cleaning services must have a valid business license. However, the combination of licenses and permits varies between states. That is why you should only hire someone who is aware of the specific requirements from both federal and state agencies.

Cleaning providers can also obtain additional certifications to show knowledge and expertise in specific areas of specialist medical cleaning. For example, the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association (IJCSA) offers different medical cleaning certification courses to comply with strict industry standards. These include Bloodborne Pathogens Certification to ensure the cleaner is compliant with the correct training if they come into contact with blood. Chemical hazards certification also shows an understanding of medical office cleaning procedures and regulations, see below.

Disposing of Hazardous Materials

Medical office cleaning requires expert knowledge of the handling and disposing of hazardous materials. You cannot bag and bin it as normal. For example, the FDA issues regulatory advice on sharps disposal containers in health care facilities. There are also different containers for different medical waste, so knowledge about this is important. Once you are satisfied that the cleaning firm is aware of all these rules and regulations, ask if they follow the recommended guidelines in a medical setting, see below.

Adhering to Official Guidelines for Medical Office Cleaning

Even if a cleaning business does not need a specific medical office cleaning permit it should at least be aware of the guidelines as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These include best practices and cleaning procedures in healthcare environments to reduce risks of contamination and infection.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) also offers advice on cleaning to industry standards in a medical environment. Reputable office cleaning services will always follow guidelines and procedures to ensure medical office space is cleaned in a safe and appropriate way.

Correct Use of EPA-Approved Disinfecting Products

To ensure medical office cleaning is carried out safely and legally, the outside firm or individual must be knowledgeable about commercial cleaning supplies and the different types of cleaners and disinfectants. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates the sanitizing products that kill bacteria and disinfectants that destroy viruses. The various EPA-registered products are always provided with label directions to ensure they are used and disposed of correctly and safely.

DetailXPerts combines hospital-grade EPA-registered disinfectants with steam cleaning technology for ultimate results.  Killing viruses with steam is safe and effective, making it ideal for use in medical offices and healthcare facilities. It is also suitable for temple cleaning and for use in other public gathering spaces that benefit from a more rigorous deep clean to protect the health of people meeting and socializing under one roof.

Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

Medical office cleaning requires the use of specialized commercial cleaning equipment to achieve best results. It is also important to check that the cleaning team use the equipment appropriately. Misuse of tools or lack of awareness when it comes to cleaning techniques can result in the rapid spread of contaminants in a medical office space.

The team should always follow the strict cleaning procedures. This includes working in a methodical, systematic manner to make sure there are no issues with cross-contamination from cloths, mops and other tools. Following a cleaning strategy also ensures that no area in a medical office will be overlooked.

Specific Sanitization Experience

Permits and certifications will give you peace of mind when hiring a team for medical office cleaning. However, you must investigate their experience in advance. For example, some janitorial services will only offer light cleaning duties. Also they might not have the relevant experience to carry out effective sanitization programs. Ideally, you are looking for a cleaning firm that has spent years building a great reputation for providing excellent sanitization services.


Medical office cleaning is an important job that one must do correctly and efficiently. Not everyone in the cleaning industry has experience in this field. If you are going to hire an outside firm or an office cleaner, check that they meet the local requirements for licenses and permits. Ask if they have any additional certifications in this field, too. Make sure they know federal law requires disinfectants to be registered with the EPA and they must use them according to the label directions.

Other points to prioritize are the use of recommended equipment, correct cleaning strategies and techniques. Moreover to follow best practices when sanitizing and disinfecting your medical office.

If you are looking for a superior, sanitized clean, contact DetailXPerts to discuss your business cleaning needs. Our experience and expertise bring out the best in every cleaning project we take on. We use steam technology and environmentally friendly products to eliminate dirt, bacteria and viruses. We are making sure you get superior results safely and with due regard for environmental protection.

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