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Commercial Cleaning Equipment: What the Professionals Use [VIDEO]

Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Commercial Cleaning Equipment: What the Professionals Use [VIDEO]

Why should you outsource your office cleaning to the professionals? One good reason is that reputable cleaning and sanitization service providers will invest in the best and most up-to-date commercial cleaning equipment to get exceptional results. After all, a good brand reputation builds on customer satisfaction. It helps if the business has the best tools for the job. The commercial cleaning industry caters to large commercial buildings, big or small office spaces, schools, and any general indoor spaces where people meet and gather.

Most of us are familiar with the traditional janitorial and office cleaning services. However, business owners are now seeking additional specialized sanitization and sterilization services as their employees return to the office. Since the global COVID-19 pandemic there is a greater emphasis on a need for clean and safe working environments. Businesses are prioritizing the health and safety of their employees and customers to protect them against germs and viruses. Take a look at the range of commercial cleaning equipment tools that the professionals use to achieve this goal.

Professional Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Every cleaning business needs a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner to service office buildings and other indoor public places. The powerful suction of an industrial vacuum picks up dust and dirt to leave carpets and other types of flooring visibly clean. Designs vary widely. They include tub shapes, upright models, backpack vacuums and wet/dry designs. Also, there are all-purpose vacuum cleaners. These combine a pressure washer and vacuum cleaner in one single device. However, tub vacuums are among the most popular with cleaning workforces. This is so because they are high-powered, yet compact and lightweight, making them easier to move around.

Pressure Washers

Professional high-performance pressure washers or “power” washers use highly pressurized water jets to break down and blast away dirt, grime, mold and other contaminants. The methodology of this commercial cleaning equipment is straightforward. Water hits surfaces with extreme force to blast away the dirt. Typically, professionals use these machines outside to clean building entrances, brickwork and sidewalks, and so on. Chewing gum on the ground outside your office? A pressure washer will take care of it.

There are different types and models. For example, cold pressure washers break up dirt and impurities to leave surfaces spotless. On the other end, hot pressure washers are ideal for tackling oil and grease stains on the ground. Heat brings extra cleaning power to heavily soiled areas. However, pressure washers do use a lot of water. To be more exact, around 2 gallons per minute. In contrast, steam cleaners (see below) are more environmentally-friendly. Still, they are just as tough on dirt, mold, grease, and grime.

Steam Cleaning Technology

Steam technology has proved to be so successful in the car sanitization industry that steam machines are now considered an essential tool for any modern cleaning business committed to keeping workplaces safe. Demand for high-level cleaning techniques in office buildings and indoor public spaces has risen sharply. DetailXPerts’ sanitization program provides businesses with superior sanitization and sterilization services. Steam technology meets this demand thanks to its multiple benefits:

  • Destroys bacteria and viruses by breaking down their proteins
  • Uses a minimum amount of water
  • Sterilizes all office equipment including phones and keyboards
  • No harsh chemicals – eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • Suitable for floors, doors, fabrics, surfaces, and computer screens
  • Leaves a fresh smell
  • Does not impact on the health of employees or customers

Take a look at DetailXPerts’ “Work Safe” video to see more on how it works:

High steam temperatures break down dirt and grime to leave floors, walls, desks, high-touch points, and all kinds of upholstery looking spotless. However, it is not just about an immaculate appearance. Steam is super-effective at sanitizing workplaces. For instance, killing viruses with steam is becoming an industry standard. It eliminates more than 99.9% of harmful microorganisms, making a steam cleaner more than a general piece of commercial cleaning equipment. It is a must-have tool when it comes to the fight against the spread of viruses, bacteria, and pathogens.

Commercial Cleaning Equipment for Spray Extraction

What is the best commercial cleaning equipment to use on carpets and upholstered chairs in the office? A wand-operated spray extraction machine is good for deep-cleaning textiles. It works much like a wet/dry vacuum. The operator sprays a cleaning solution onto the fabric or carpet to loosen and dissolve dirt. Then, a powerful suction tool removes the soapy residue, leaving behind very little moisture. If you want to remove bacterial build-up for a deep sanitized clean, a steam cleaner will do an exceptional job without the need for heavy-duty chemicals.

Floor Sweepers

Commercial cleaning supplies include floor or carpet sweepers. These machines are ideal for preparing a floor area before beginning the next-level sanitization cleaning process. This type of commercial cleaning equipment uses rotating brushes to sweep up and collect dirt and debris from office floors. Each machine is fitted with a removable waste bin. There are a range of models to suit different jobs. For example, ride-on floor sweepers are recommendable for larger, less-cluttered floor spaces. On the other hand, walk-behind floor sweepers are ideal for smaller office premises and narrower walkways and corridors.

Floor Scrubbers

There is a wide range of floor scrubbers, or scrubber dryers. They are suitable for larger areas in business premises. These compact and efficient machines are easy to use. Additionally, they are the speedier alternative to washing floor areas with a traditional bucket and mop. Floor scrubbers are fitted with cylinder or roller brushes, a water system, and cleaning solutions to remove dirt. Squeegees collect the dirty soapy residue, which is then transferred into the machine’s collection tank. The benefits of floor scrubbers include speed and much better hygiene standards than using a mop. Mops tend to move dirt around. Also, you get a wet floor for a time. Floor scrubber machines are powered by either mains electricity or batteries. From a safety standpoint, battery-powered floor scrubbers mean no trailing cables in the workplace.

Handheld Scrubber Commercial Cleaning Equipment

The handheld scrubber is a small but mighty piece of commercial cleaning equipment. It takes the hard work out of scrubbing and can be used to remove scuff marks and dirt from tiled walls and floors, and baseboards in an office. It is also ideal for freshening up washroom sinks and tiled areas. The recommended models come with different sizes and types of brushes and polishing pads, making them versatile cleaners suitable for different situations and jobs. For example, scrubbing brushes can be swapped for polishing cloths to buff and polish windows and glass doors. A handheld scrubber is lightweight and portable, making it a very versatile piece of kit.

Floor Buffers and Polishers

If you want the hard floors in your office building to shine with a high-gloss finish, floor buffers and polishers are the answer. These high-speed floor care machines are ideal for hardwood, tiles, linoleum and marble floors. They make light work of a tough job, quickly and efficiently buffing floors using rotating discs to achieve the ultimate shine. There is a range of models available. For example, this particular type of commercial cleaning equipment can include combined scrubber and polishing machines, high-speed burnisher/polishers or heavy-duty buffers equipped with wire brushes for concrete industrial floors.


The range of professional commercial cleaning equipment available can ensure your office is left looking spotless. However, if you want more than a clean and polished appearance, steam technology guarantees a superior sanitized clean, leaving a workplace not only clean but also sterilized and safe. For your peace of mind, you may prefer to ask an experienced business to take on the job. If you do, take a look at DetailXPerts’ commercial cleaning services. Contact us at 877-317-9737 for more information on how our sanitization and sterilization program can transform a workplace. Our experience, tools and technology will create a clean and safe environment for the health and well-being of your employees and customers.

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