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DetailXPerts Launches “Safe and Clean with Steam” Sanitization Program [VIDEO]

DetailXPerts Sanitization Program

DetailXPerts Launches “Safe and Clean with Steam” Sanitization Program [VIDEO]

We’re living in truly unprecedented times. Never has before the world faced similar global challenges as today’s COVID-19 spread. And never has it before been so important for all of us to keep our safety and health as top priority. The responsibility lies for each and every citizen. But even more so, the responsibility of securing safe working and gathering environments lies on the hands of managers and leaders. To answer the call for supreme sanitization  services, DetailXPerts officially launches its sanitization and sterilization program “Safe and Clean with Steam”.

Human beings are extremely social in nature. We find love, compassion, camaraderie, and meaning by being with others. It is our instinct to spend time with other human beings and bond together. Whether we share a movie, a dinner, or a prayer, we need to feel the presence and support of like-minded individuals. However, with the restrictions and caution related to the coronavirus outbreak, we need to be more careful than ever when we start getting back together. As social places start re-opening for gatherings, managers and leaders must provide their people with a safe and secure environment, free of germs, viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. This is where DetailXPerts’ latest sanitization program comes to help.

What Is DetailXPerts’ Sanitization Program?

“Safe and Clean with Steam” is DetailXPerts’ program to provide businesses, organizations, and meeting places with sanitation and sterilization services. It eliminates more than 99.9% of harmful microorganisms, leaving surfaces and high-touch points germ-free and safe. The program utilizes the company’s patent-pending steam technology. Steam has been a preferred method for sterilization in medical facilities and labs for decades. Now, with DetailXPerts’ process, its power to kill viruses becomes available to the general public.

Steam at Its Finest

DetailXPerts has been using steam to detail vehicles to perfection for more than 15 years. It effectively eliminates dirt, soil, and grime while being gentle to the vehicle’s paint. On the other hand, steam cleaning the interior of a car sanitizes it and keeps it fresh and safe for the driver and his or her passengers. The hot temperature can reach more than 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Just to compare, most viruses and bacteria die at 150-200 degrees. Therefore, in response to the rising need for quality sanitization and sterilization services beyond vehicles, we upgraded our technological process and products to help and contribute to the minimization of the virus spread.

EPA-Approved Disinfectants

We combined steam cleaning with organic products to further enhance sanitization results. Our hospital-grade disinfectants are duly recognized and certified by the EPA. They are strong and merciless against pathogens and safe and gentle to people, animals, and the environment. Thus, we can proudly claim that our “Safe and Clean with Steam” program has everything you need to provide your community with a hygienic place to gather.

A Sanitization Program Suitable for All

As people start to go back to their normal lives, office cleaning services and temple cleaning services will be more necessary than ever. Yet, managers and pastors need to be aware that ordinary janitorial offers will not suffice. Sanitation and sterilization will be the new norm. Fortunately, “Safe and Clean with Steam” is suitable for all. See how its magic works:

Help us help America gather safely again. Share this article and our program with your friends. Tell your manager and community leader about our sanitization services. Forward our church cleaning services to your pastor. Let’s work together to bring back safety and health into our country.

And while you’re around, subscribe to DetailXPerts’ YouTube channel. We’ll be sharing more video content about our program soon!


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