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Car Care Tips and Tricks for Women

Car Care Tips and Tricks

Car Care Tips and Tricks for Women

There are over 115 million licensed women drivers in the US. Busy schedules, daily commutes and driving children to and from school and social activities can clock up a lot of hours for women in their cars. As the millions of female motorists take to the road, handy car care tips and tricks can help to keep their vehicles in tip-top condition and make journeys go more smoothly.

7 Top Car Care Tips and Tricks

A lack of time often means that women overlook essential car care. Also, if you are not familiar with dashboard warning lights/symbols or don’t keep on top of your auto preventative maintenance schedule, you could experience car problems and expensive repair costs. Here are some car care tips and tricks for happy and safer driving. 

1. Get to Know Your Vehicle

Your car manual is probably not your first choice of bedtime reading. However, it is important to read up about your car. The manual will offer car care tips and explain the dashboard warning lights and symbols (low fuel reminder, low engine oil, brake system warning lamp etc). It also includes advice on scheduled maintenance and child seat safety. If you don’t have a physical copy of the car manual, you can download a digital copy at Car Manuals.

2. Use a Quarter to Check Your Tire Tread

Worn tires can make driving very unsafe, especially in bad weather conditions. A quick and simple way to check the tread is to insert a quarter into the tire tread. Place the coin upside down in the main tread grooves. If you can see Washington’s entire head, then it is time to shop for new tires. Note, this is only a rough guide. For a more accurate assessment, visit your local auto repair shop.

3. Add a Backseat Organizer for a Tidier Car

Busy moms who drive their children to school or leisure activities know that toys, pens, books and snacks can quickly make the interior of the car look untidy. Are there any car care tips and tricks to address this problem? Yes, a backseat organizer is a good solution for clutter-free car rides. For example, the Reserwa Car Backseat Organizer has wide mesh pockets, a tablet pocket and a kick mat to protect your car seat upholstery. Are you looking for gift ideas for car enthusiasts? This type of organizer is a practical and affordable gift.

4. Oil Light Awareness

How long can you keep driving after the engine light comes on? Ideally, you should find a safe, level place to stop so you can check your oil engine level. Be sure to let the engine cool down first. If you check your oil immediately after switching off your engine, you may get an inaccurate reading. Wait 15 minutes or so to let the oil drain down into the oil pan before using the engine oil dipstick.

If the oil level is at the minimum mark, don’t continue to drive. Add oil to avoid damaging car components. However, if the oil is somewhere between the maximum and minimum marks, you can continue driving. Then make an appointment with your auto repair shop or car dealer to check out the oil light illumination. Regularly checking fluids and filters is all part of better car maintenance.

5. Car Care Tips and Tricks to Remove Odors

According to research, women have a better sense of smell than men. This superior sense of smell means that women are more likely to notice unpleasant odors in a car. There are a couple of car care tips and tricks to tackle this problem. You can easily neutralize odors and pet smells by sprinkling baking soda on car seats and carpets. Leave overnight and then vacuum the residue.

You can also use steam to remove odors. Regular interior cleaning and sanitizing will not only help to banish bad smells but will also protect children’s health. This process includes using a steam cleaner to sanitize upholstery and carpets. Steam effectively eliminates mold, bacteria and stains to leave your vehicle smelling fresh and looking good.

6. Handy Tip to Restore Headlights

Are your headlights looking a little cloudy and yellow? You can take immediate action to remove oxidation from your headlights with vinegar and baking soda. Mix into a paste and apply with a clean, dry cloth. Rub gently over the headlight to remove the layer of oxidation that has built up. Wipe clean with a spray of glass cleaner. Alternatively, you can hand the job over to the experts. Practical and useful Mother’s Day gift ideas include an auto detailing gift certificate.

7. Travel With a Car Emergency Kit

Research shows that women have strong organizational skills in the workplace. You can put these great organizational skills to good use in the car. For example, car care tips and tricks include making sure you carry a car emergency kit. Organized women can put together their own kits. Visit the National Safety Council (NSC) for advice on what to include in your kit. Key items are a properly inflated spare tire, flashlight, first aid kit, drinking water and a reflective vest.


Women’s hectic schedules mean that it is easy to put off regular car care for longer than they should. Our car care tips and tricks can help to make your driving experience less stressful and more safe. If you are a busy mom who practically lives in her car due to family commitments, or if you simply take pride in your vehicle, schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts to have your vehicle detailed inside and out. Our advanced steam cleaning technology works to protect you, your passengers and the environment.

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