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RV Detailing Supplies – What Do Camper Owners Often Forget?

RV Detailing Supplies

RV Detailing Supplies – What Do Camper Owners Often Forget?

If you own a recreational vehicle (RV), you’ll know that keeping it clean and in good condition enhances your overall experience when you hit the road. However, detailing an RV is not quite the same as cleaning a car or truck. It is a much more involved process. For example, you need to clean and sanitize sleeping areas, bathroom facilities, kitchen and living areas, AC units, water tanks, and so on. As a result, it is easy to overlook some of the more specific RV detailing supplies that are not commonly used in mainstream auto detailing.

The range of RVs includes motorhomes, towable fifth wheel trailers, conventional trailers, and campers. Whatever you drive, make sure your RV is sparkling clean and sanitized inside and out. Here are some useful supplies to look out for when cleaning your RV from roof to wheels.

RV Detailing Supplies You Need

Cleaner and Protectant for Different Types of RV Roofs

The roof of an RV is different to a car roof. There are material and structural variations. For example, an RV roof can be made of aluminum, rubber, fiberglass, or painted metal, so it is important to choose RV detailing supplies to suit your roof type. For example, there is a range of wash and wax products that are perfect for a fiberglass roof. Ideally, go for a non-abrasive formula that is gentle but effective at cleaning a fiberglass RV roof while also adding a protective finish. Alternatively, check out an RV wash and wax service for a spotless finish.

For a rubber roof, specialist RV detailing supplies include biodegradable solutions that dissolve dirt and airborne pollutants. You simply spray on, mop, then leave to air dry. Ideally, look out for a cleaner and degreaser in one. Use a cloth to mop up excess cleaning solutions to prevent residue running over the sides of your RV. To finish, use a rubber roof treatment to protect the roof from the elements and reduce chalking.

Non-Scratch Products for Roof Vents and Windows

Your RV roof may also include one or more vents or a window (roof lights). These are generally made from weather-resistant plastics so always use a low-abrasive cleaner. Solutions or sprays that are specifically made to clean RV acrylic windows are made from non-scratch, non-smear formulas.

RV Detailing Supplies for Cleaning AC Units

RV owners often forget that their AC units need attention, too. For example, you can easily overlook an air conditioning unit located on the rooftop when cleaning and refreshing your vehicle. However, it is important to properly maintain an AC unit, otherwise the system will clog up with dirt and won’t perform at an optimal level. Specialist RV detailing supplies include AC coil cleaning solutions. Spray coils with the cleaner to loosen dirt and debris. Note, always unplug your AC from the power supply before cleaning it.

Cleaning Agents and Purifiers to Sterilize the Water System

If you want to wash a camper like a pro, don’t forget to sanitize your RV water system and any portable water containers, especially if you haven’t used your vehicle for a few months. If you use your RV regularly, clean the water tank/container at least once a month to be on the safe side. You will need to add a special cleaning agent and purifier to the freshwater tank. Flush the whole system, including the pipes, to keep the drinking water supply safe and free from bacteria, viruses and a build-up of algae.

There are several effective alternatives to bleach. This includes eco products that do not leave behind traces of chemical residue in the water tank and system. There are plenty of biodegradable tabs on the market that do the job without harming you or the environment. Shop around for non-toxic RV detailing supplies that are specifically designed for washing and sterilizing an RV water system.

Sanitized Additives and Disinfecting Products for the RV Bathroom

Your RV bathroom is not like a regular bathroom. The list of specialized RV detailing supplies includes products to sanitize portable and cassette toilets for a hygienic finish. For example, you will need sanitation additives for waste holding tanks. You’ll also need a strong sanitization cleaner for the toilet bowl itself. Select a product that you can also use in sinks and showers to save you buying multiple products, especially when you have minimal storage space in your vehicle.

Specialist Cleaner for the Undercarriage

Mobile RV detailing requires more than a quick hose-down of the exterior and vacuuming the interior. It includes cleaning the undercarriage. For example, the undercarriage of a fifth wheel travel trailer has a hitch design to connect to the towing vehicle. RV detailing supplies for fifth wheel landing gear maintenance should include a spray lubricant product that will grease and lubricate the mechanism to keep it in good working order and to avoid corrosion.

Eco Cleaning Supplies for RV Tires

Your RV wheels will inevitably gather dirt and grime from your road travels. If you are wondering how to wash an RV, including your tires, without resorting to using toxic chemicals, add organic cleaning products to your list of RV detailing supplies. Organic wheel and tire cleaning products include Tuff Shine. It is a heavy duty tire cleaner that is biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Refresh the Awning with RV Detailing Supplies

Don’t forget about the awning when you are cleaning an RV. Look out for a specialized awning cleaner that is safe to use on vinyl, nylon, acrylic or whatever material your awning is made from. This kind of cleaning solution will remove mold, mildew stains, and stubborn dirt marks from the awning fabric.

Specific Products for Winterizing Your RV

If you are winterizing your RV, don’t forget a good antifreeze product. This will protect against burst pipes and damage to water storage systems during the coldest weather spells. You might also want to think about a roof and exterior sealant product if you notice any visible cracks. Note, use the right kind of sealant that is compatible with your RV roof material – fiberglass, metal, rubber etc.

Be sure to add a dehumidifier product to your RV detailing supplies. This will absorb excess moisture, helping to prevent mold build-up inside the RV. This will do away with the stale, musty odors that can develop when a vehicle is stored.

If you are planning to go on your travels over the winter months, there are specific RV detailing supplies that may come in useful. Snow, dirty ice and road salt residue are not great for an RV exterior. A good wax polish product will protect it from the elements, leaving it with a great showroom shine. Watch out though, this kind of product might leave streaks on the windows and mirrors.

Also, think ahead to next year. When you de-winterize an RV, it is good to have detailing products that clean and protect the vehicle. This includes a specialist wax product to protect the exterior of your RV against sun damage when you take your spring or summer vacation.


To get the best out of your RV, it is worth shopping for specially formulated cleaning products for the range of different tasks. These RV detailing supplies are often easily overlooked but do make all the difference if you want a clean and sanitized vehicle when you take off on your next adventure. They will also help to maximize the life of your RV.

However, if you don’t have time to shop for these different products or the space to store them, you might want to hand the job over to the experts. Consider DetailXPerts’ professional RV wash and detailing services and schedule an appointment with us. Rest assured that our professional team will leave your RV looking immaculate, inside and out.

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