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Car Wash Equipment That Is a Worthy Investment

Car Wash Equipment That Is a Worthy Investment

Car Wash Equipment That Is a Worthy Investment

Due to high customer demands, the car wash industry has evolved from using traditional regular hose and bucket tools to car wash equipment with tall rotating vertical scrubbers. Yes, car wash owners like you have hundreds of options to choose from. But how can you be sure that you will get one that is worthy of your investment?

Factors to Consider When Choosing Car Wash Equipment

There are actually three things to think about when you are considering buying car wash equipment: the life cycle of your car wash, the state and type of car wash equipment and other influential factors.

1. The Life Cycle of Your Car Wash

Buying car wash equipment depends hugely on this factor. Are you just starting up? Then having a steam cleaner, compressor, extractor system and like equipment will enable you to perform topnotch services in the least amount of time. This will lead to immense customer satisfaction and brand recognition.

But if you already have an established business, considering a car wash equipment like a detailing skid mount unit will be a worthy investment. At this point, your on-site staff and detailers are already well-trained so you can focus on training mobile detailers. Not to mention that you have probably regained most of your initial capital and the list of your loyal customers, connections and likely investors have already increased.

2. The State and Type of Car Wash Equipment

Should you buy new or used? Or must you purchase top quality equipment or can you just settle for the generic types that you can get for low prices?

The answer, of course, will still boil down to the life cycle of your car wash. If you are just starting up, buying used, generic car wash equipment can be a likely option. Just make sure to check it out before you actually shell out your cash lest you end up with something that will bring you headaches due to costly repairs and parts replacement.

You may also consider a car wash equipment which will give you options to upgrade later on as your business stabilizes. For example, a detailing skid mount unit which will allow you to attach a vacuum extractor unit will be valuable when you are ready to expand to mobile detailing.

3. Other Influential Factors

Decades ago, the car wash industry did not impact the environment as much as it does now. With millions of cars washed daily in backyards and traditional car washes, each using up huge amounts of water and threatening to pollute the soil and ground waters, governments and environmentalists are now supporting and actually promoting eco car washes.

Eco car wash equipment like steam cleaners coupled with the use of organic auto detailing supplies do not need huge amounts of water but clean just like traditional car washes. We at DetailXPerts, for example, have mastered our patent-pending method which uses only two gallons of water for washing fifteen vehicles. By using steam for all our projects, we provide our customers with clean and fresh-smelling vehicles that keep them coming back for more. Now, that is what we call a worthy investment.

Would you like to learn more about car wash equipment or anything related to car washes? You can schedule an appointment with any of our franchises. They will be more than glad to help you out.

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