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Mobile Steam Car Wash: How Does It Work?

Mobile Steam Car Wash: How Does It Work?

Whether you’re driving a brand-new roadster, a vintage coupe, or a pre-loved SUV, you will certainly need the assistance of professionals in keeping your car in tiptop condition through the years. With all the cleaning methods you can choose from nowadays, it’s important for you to know which one actually fits your needs, your budget, and your time. A mobile steam car wash is one of the options you have.

Mobile Steam Car Wash – A Dream Come True

With a mobile steam car wash you don’t have to go out of the way to visit your detailer’s facility for an appointment. Neither do you have to arrange your schedule for the day in accordance with your car’s detailing schedule. Your mobile steam car wash detailer will come to your home, office, gym, or anywhere else you might be. There they will perform the mobile detailing services you asked for right on site. How much easier and convenient can cleaning your car get?

All the Benefits

With a mobile steam car wash you get all the benefits of a full detailing service combined with flexibility of scheduling. The best thing about this service is that you just have to call your detailer to set up an appointment, name the place and time for the services to be performed, and he will come on the scheduled hour to do the job. The service can be done while you attend that all-important office meeting. Or while you watch your kid’s softball playoffs, or even while you catch up on much-needed sleep. Whatever it is that you fancy doing, you can do it, and just check back with the detailer when he has finished with your car.

The Environmental Edge of a Mobile Steam Car Wash

A mobile steam car wash also has environmental advantages. The detailer is using steam cleaning technology to restore your car’s fine looks. In other words, you can rest easy knowing that you are contributing to the protection of our environment and the conservation of our limited water resources.

Steam cleaning is an effective and cost-efficient car care technology that delivers great results without using up huge amounts of water in the process. Traditional car wash facilities can guzzle hundreds of gallons of water per wash cycle, but steam cleaning is not as water intensive.

Instead of using large amounts of water to clean your car, a steam machine will deliver high-pressure steam. It will blast away surface dirt, grease, grime, road dust, and other unwanted stuff from your car. Furthermore, steam is so effective at eliminating dirt on the car, that your detailer will hardly need chemical cleaning products to wash off the dirt. Steam simply breaks the adhesive bond between dirt and your car’s surface, so the former simply slides off the car. There is no better way to prep your car for a waxing or polishing job than to steam clean it from top to bottom.


Using a mobile steam car wash service you get a perfectly shiny, sanitized, and clean car with no chemical residue or toxic runoff harming it or nature. If you want to experience the brilliant results first hand, schedule your appointment with DetailXPerts right away! And if you want to stay updated on more industry news, deals, specials, and extras from us, sign up for our monthly newsletter!


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