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Auto Detailing Supplies and Equipment – How Quality Matters

Auto Detailing Supplies and Equipment How Quality Matters

Auto Detailing Supplies and Equipment – How Quality Matters

Some people use substandard auto detailing supplies and equipment for their car care. They settle for these materials because they are confident enough of their detailing skills. But are skills enough to get the best results?

As the old saying goes, “A carpenter is just as good as his tools”. Just imagine if he uses a substandard saw for the finest type of mahogany. Would he get the best results? No, he’ll just get an unsightly piece of jagged wood that might only end up in a huge pile of garbage.

It’s the same thing with car detailing. You may use the best car shampoo, scratch remover, paint sealer or wax, but without the proper tools and equipment, you may not get the best results that you are searching for.

Using the best auto detailing supplies and equipment is necessary whether you are a DIY detailer who wants to take care of your prized possession or a car wash owner who wants to provide superior services to your clients.

The Right Auto Detailing Supplies and Equipment Give You the Best Results

The best detailing skills coupled with the right kind and quality of auto detailing supplies and equipment ensures superior results. For example, can you bring the shine back to the leather upholstery of your car seats with a tire shine applicator, no matter how clean it is? The answer is no. You will need leather cleaner and conditioner applicators to get the best results. The difference lies in their design. Tire applicators usually come with easy-grip handles and contoured pads set in a rubber frame to reach all areas of a tire. Meanwhile, leather applicators are flat pads that you can use to glide through all leather surfaces.

Neither can you remove all the mud and grime from your tire and under-chassis if you only use an ordinary hose. You will need a high-pressure nozzle to do the job faster and more efficiently. Use a drill brush in soaping those tires to drive all the dirt away and restore them to a like new appearance.

Even a professional detailer has to consider the right texture of car buffer heads that he will use for a certain project. He knows that a smooth buffer head is best for minor scratch removal. However, it will not produce the same results when the scratch goes beyond the clear coat. He knows that only a rougher buffer head must be used for such cases.

New vs Used

The state of your auto detailing supplies and equipment matters as well.  A new steam cleaner, for example, will undoubtedly perform faster. Additionally, it will last longer than one that has been used already.

The bottom line is, no matter how skilled a detailer can be, he will not be able to produce the best results without appropriate and high quality auto detailing supplies and equipment. For quality detailing services, schedule an appointment with detailers who have a track record for using only the best tools and materials. Yes, you might have to pay a little more, but that is justifiable, considering that they will be handling your prized possession.

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