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From Dreamer to Business Owner

From Dreamer to Business Owner for Podcast Page

From Dreamer to Business Owner

Emmanuel and Angela Williams, founders and executive leaders of DetailXPerts, welcomed business owner Rita Chmiel onto the More Details, Please podcast show. They chatted about what it takes to turn a dream into a business. Rita educates homeowners about sustainability in her community and beyond. Indeed, she is so passionate about environmental issues and advocating for others she that built a business dedicated to her cause.

Business Owner Dreams: Dare to Make a Difference

Business owner Rita Chmiel has a background in sales. She’s also worked with local communities and major corporations over the years researching sustainability in the landscaping sector. Now she’s the owner of Community Resource Advocates (CRA), a business promoting green issues and supporting homeowners who are members of an HOA (Homeowner Association).

Rita discusses how turning a dream into a business with purpose begins by focusing on joy, not fear, and following your heart. Here are the interview highlights.

Learning Experience

The journey of starting a business is a continuous learning experience. Rita emphasizes the importance of educating yourself and others about your goals, hopes, and dreams. Gaining knowledge and learning from mistakes will contribute to your future success.

Additionally, staying updated on industry trends, best practices, and the latest tech relevant to your industry is important. However, you don’t have to do it alone. Franchise partnerships are an option if you want to become a business owner.

Dream to Change the World

Believe in the power of change if you want to turn a dream into a business. And don’t be afraid to dream big! Rita says she wants to change the world. Moreover, she has already made progress by educating people about sustainable, best-known practices in local communities.

When referring to change, Rita quotes to the “Hundredth Monkey” story. The concept suggests that when several individuals adopt a new behavior or idea, it can spontaneously spread to others. And this is how change occurs. Tune into the podcast episode to hear Rita talk more on this topic.

Focus on Joy

If you want to turn a dream into a business, focus on joy, not fear, says Rita. Starting a business can be challenging. And striving to bring about change can be daunting. However, don’t let fear hold you back. Instead, follow Rita’s lead and step outside your comfort zone. Finding your purpose and following your dream should be a joyful experience.

Business Owner Making a Difference

Turning a dream into a viable business idea requires careful planning, smart decision-making, and consistent effort. As a business owner, you must stay focused on your long-term objectives. These actions create opportunities. For instance, you can make a difference and positively impact your community, industry, or even the world.

To sum up, pursuing your passion, and solving problems through your business, as Rita does, will give you a great sense of accomplishment. Moreover, the satisfaction of turning your dream into reality and doing something meaningful is how you get to where you are supposed to be.


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