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What Is the Cost of Steam Cleaning a Classic Car Engine?

What Is the Cost of Steam Cleaning a Classic Car Engine

What Is the Cost of Steam Cleaning a Classic Car Engine?

If you are a proud owner of a classic car, then taking care of this timeless treasure is a very challenging task. You need to make it shine beautifully and function seamlessly. To achieve these goals, the special needs of your car should be met. You may have already steam cleaned the car exterior to get great results. Have you considered steam cleaning the engine? Let’s address your questions about the cost and the benefits of steam cleaning a classic car engine.

Steam Cleaning a Classic Car Engine: What Does it Entail?

A classic car engine has more delicate and moisture-sensitive parts than a modern one. That’s why it needs careful handling. Steam cleaning, hence, should be done with extreme caution.  A pro of using steam cleaning is that the whole engine does not have to be removed in order to degrease and clean it. However, certain parts such as the air cleaner, carburetor, alternator, etc. may need to be removed in order for the professional to do a detailed job. Taking all these factors into account, the starting cost of steam cleaning a classic car engine would be around $75. It can increase up to $150-$200 depending on other factors such as the amount of carbon, oil sludge, and grease that has accumulated on the engine. If you get the engine steam cleaned twice a year, it is adequate.

Why Should You Choose Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning allows you to clean your classic car engine without removing it completely, contrary to other engine cleaning methods. It is also ideal for identifying oil leaks. It will not only help the engine run smoothly but also reduce the risk of engine fires. Steam cleaning is also known to extend the lifespan of the engine.It will especially add to the beauty of your classic. It has the ability to restore the engine’s appearance to brand new quality. Imagine the thrill of opening the hood of your car to a beautiful shine!

However, as mentioned above, classic car engines are very moisture sensitive. If the steam cleaner is not handled carefully and angled correctly, it can damage the engine. Many professional services request car owners to choose steam cleaning at their own risk, due to the difficulty of the task. If executed properly, steam cleaning stands above other cleaning techniques. It is also an eco-friendly auto detailing method since it uses a minimal amount of water. If you are wary about using caustic chemicals on your classic car engine, then steam cleaning is the best option for you.

Locating/restoring your classic car is not an easy or inexpensive task. Such an investment deserves the best. Steam cleaning a classic car engine is not an extravagance because it offers many advantages that other methods do not. Think of this process as a long term investment.

If you need steam cleaning for your classic car’s engine, look no further. DetailXPerts has steam cleaned many classic car engines with great results that has satisfied many customers. We are professionals with an established brand name. Contact us today to get a quote.

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