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Auto Detailing Prices: Are They Worth It?

Auto Detailing Prices - Are They Worth It

Auto Detailing Prices: Are They Worth It?

As you browse the internet for ways to give your car a better appearance, you come across auto detailing. You check the auto detailing prices and wonder why these are higher than straightforward car washing. Are those rates justifiable? Should you have your car detailed regardless of the heftier price tag?

Pondering on Auto Detailing Prices

Auto detailing is a necessary maintenance procedure that keeps the value and aesthetics of your vehicles, extends their usability, and promotes you and your family’s safety as well. It is actually more expensive than standard car washing because it requires more of the following:

Auto Detailing Skills

Auto detailing prices take the competence of a detailer into consideration. Think of it this way: you would not trust your life to a neophyte surgeon, would you? And just like surgeons, detailers have to undergo on-the-job training for as long as they are deemed able by the experts. During this time, they learn about paint technology; the various layers of car paint and which types of chemicals they should use for each; the use of different auto detailing supplies and equipment; and the various kinds of materials used for a car interior’s carpeting and upholstery.


Auto detailing requires anywhere from 45 minutes to several hours. During that time, a detailer can only work on your car, which of course, affects the auto detailing prices. You can choose to have only a portion of your car detailed (spot removal) or go for ultimate, full services like Presidential Detail Services which include exterior hand car washing, floor mats steam cleaning, interior vacuuming and deodorizing, and more.

High Quality Auto Detailing Supplies

As skilled as they are, professional detailers know that superior quality auto detailing supplies are necessary to create the best results. Rather than use cheap, chemically-laden products, they opt for eco car shampoos to provide your car with a spotlessness that you can smell without worrying about toxic substances; they prefer quality sealants, waxes and leather conditioners over substandard substances that may damage your car in the long run.

Appropriate Tools and Equipment

When computing auto detailing prices, detailers also consider the tools and equipment used for a project. They use different types and sizes of applicators and brushes to ensure the cleanliness of even the hardest-to-reach areas in your car; appropriate buffer heads and waxes to give your car that showroom shiny look and so much more. Of course, detailers also have to think about the cost of maintaining such high-grade tools and equipment so that these can continue to function as they should.

Auto detailing prices are more expensive than ordinary car washing because the cost takes into consideration the detailer’s skills, the time involved in performing auto detailing, the quality of the auto detailing supplies, and the appropriateness of the tools and equipment used. But considering that your car will look and smell like new and give you and your loved ones a safe and healthy means of transportation, don’t you think that the cost is more than justified? Schedule an appointment with a known detailer in your area and you will see how worthy auto detailing prices are.

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