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Top 6 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners on the Market Today

Best Car Vacuum Cleaners on the Market Today

Top 6 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners on the Market Today

Choosing the best car vacuum becomes an easier task if you know how often you’ll use it and roughly how much you want to spend. Prices will vary quite considerably, so keep your budget in mind when you look at the different models. Other factors you should take into consideration are the size and weight of the model, suction power and run-time of battery-powered models. Alternatively, if you prefer a car vacuum that plugs into an outlet, be sure to factor the cord length into your buying decision.

6 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners

If you take pride in having a clean and fresh car interior, you’ll want to add a reliable vacuum to your auto detailing toolkit. There is a wide range of car vacuums on the market to suit different customer preferences and needs. For example, a wet/dry car vacuum is a consideration if you carry lots of passengers and pets and the interior regularly needs a deeper interior clean. Here is our guide to the best car vacuums on the market:

Cordless Models

1. Best Lightweight Cordless Car Vacuum

If you want a high-quality cordless car vacuum, the Black+Decker 20V Max Pivot Vacuum, $89.99, is a compact, lightweight design. It has strong suction power and a pivoting nozzle for better access to awkward spaces inside the car. This model weighs just 2.1lbs, which makes it the best car vacuum to handle and use within the confines of your car. Highlights include:

  • 20 volts
  • Includes brush and crevice tool for cleaning awkward to reach spaces and gaps between seats
  • Pivoting nozzle
  • Run time up to 17 minutes
  • Weight 2.1lbs

Another useful feature of this model is that it is easy to clean because it empties directly into the waste bin. You can also remove the dirt bowl from the vacuum and wash it to keep it fresh. To get the best results, see our guide on how to vacuum a car properly.

2. Pet Hair Car Vacuum

If you travel with pets in your car, having the best car vacuum to effectively remove pet hair from seats and carpets is key to keeping your car looking good. The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Hand Vacuum, from $105, is a powerful little cordless vacuum and the best car vacuum for removing pet hair embedded in car upholstery. Notable features are:

  • 14-volt lithium ion battery
  • Motorized brush tool, upholstery tool and crevice tool
  • Easy to empty dirt bin
  • Run time up to 17 minutes
  • Weight 3lbs

The motorized brush tool is perfect for car seats, working hard to efficiently remove dirt and hair. See our other tips on how to remove pet hair from your car’s interior.

3. High Power Cordless Car Vacuum with Long Run Time

There is nothing more frustrating when you’re vacuuming your car to find that the battery fades after 2 minutes. You can solve this problem with the Gtech Multi, $300. It is one of the more expensive handheld car vacuums. Moreover, it is the best car vacuum if you want a powerful machine that gives you 30 minutes run time in between charges. It is perfect for DIY car interior detailing and quick household clean-ups.

  • 22 volts
  • Handy for cleaning small spaces in the car
  • Easy, bagless waste disposal
  • LED headlight
  • Run time 30 minutes
  • Weight 3.5lbs

The bagless design is convenient, enabling you to empty the dirt and dust directly into the trash. The LED headlight is another handy feature. It helps to highlight dust and dirt in those awkward spaces between car seats etc.

Corded Models

4. Best Car Vacuum on a Budget

If you’re not using your car every day or if you don’t have small children or pets as regular passengers, the chances are that you are not going to need a heavy duty car vacuum. If you need a car vacuum for occasional clean-ups, a low-cost model is what you need. Thisworx Mini Handheld Vacuum, $35, is one of the more affordable models on the market. Furthermore, its compact design makes it possible to store it discreetly in your car. Highlights include:

  • 12 volts
  • 16ft cord
  • Plugs into your 12V outlet
  • 3 different nozzles included
  • Weight 2.4lbs

This model is the best car vacuum for price and convenience – keep it in the car to use when you need it. You don’t need to worry about the battery running low, simply plug it into the 12 volt outlet in your car at your convenience.

5. Professional Grade Vacuum Cleaner for the Car

Do you want results like the professionals? Then you’ll probably have to pay more for your machine. The Vapamore MR-500, $379, is one of the more expensive vacuums on the market. However, it is a high-tech, high-quality piece of kit with 1400 watts of cleaning power and 10 different tool attachments to make car interior detailing a whole lot easier. It is also a corded electric vacuum, so you don’t need to be mindful of run-time.

  • 120 volts
  • Onboard tool storage
  • HEPA filtration
  • LED headlight
  • Hose length 5ft
  • 26’ retractable power cord
  • Weight 12lbs

The HEPA filters trap the dirt, dust particles and allergens picked up by the vacuum cleaner. This prevents them from recirculating in the air inside your car. This ensures you create a cleaner and healthier environment for yourself and your passengers. For your peace of mind, it also has a lifetime warranty, making it the best car vacuum on the market if you want a reliable model that is going to last for years.

6. Wet/Dry Car Vacuum with Powerful Suction

The portable Vacmaster Beast 5.5 Peak Wet/Dry Vacuum with a 5-gallon water tank will tackle the dirtiest car interior to leave it deep-cleaned and fresh looking. From around $99, the wet/dry function is great on grubby seats and muddy carpets or for cleaning up spills from drinks. It is also good at efficiently removing pet hair from upholstery.

  • Powerful 5.5 Peak HP† high performance motor
  • 120 volts
  • Hose length 7ft
  • A useful 18ft power cord, giving you a massive 25ft cleaning reach with hose and power cord combined
  • Weight 13.5lbs

This model is great for DIY car interior cleaning and the best car vacuum for auto detailing tools included, such as an extension wand, car nozzle, crevice tool and air/noise diffuser. Furthermore, these tools pack neatly into the onboard storage facility. Another handy feature is that Vacmaster also turns into an air blower. Note, it is one of the heavier models and it doesn’t have wheels, so you can’t pull it around behind you.


In conclusion, the best car vacuum for you can be cordless or corded, it depends on your needs. They are available in a range of sizes and at different prices to suit your preferences. Go for a less expensive model if it is for occasional use. Expect to pay more if you want a dry/wet vacuum, especially for the bigger models with more tools and attachments included.

In between your own DIY detailing, why not get your vehicle professionally cleaned? If you want the best care for your car, schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts to have your vehicle vacuumed and detailed by our professionals. The team will sanitize the interior with steam and utilize a range of eco-friendly products to safely get rid of dirt, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens as well.

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