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Do You Need an Air Blower in Your Auto Detailing Toolkit?

Air Blower in Your Auto Detailing ToolkitAir Blower in Your Auto Detailing Toolkit

Do You Need an Air Blower in Your Auto Detailing Toolkit?

If you are wanting to have a go at cleaning your car on a regular basis, using the correct auto detailing tools is going to make the job much easier and more effective. An air blower may not be the first tool that comes to mind when you are thinking about car detailing. A typical home car detailing toolkit usually contains a vacuum cleaner, detailing brushes, cloths, a car shampoo suitable for loosening dirt from paintwork and some sort of interior car cleaning product to remove stains and freshen up upholstery and carpets. However, if you want a little extra help getting rid of dust or water droplets with minimum effort, adding this piece of equipment to your toolkit can be a time-saving, worthwhile purchase.

Using an Air Blower for Car Detailing

An air blower is an electrical or battery-operated machine that is used for cleaning and drying purposes. It works by creating a steady blast of high-volume air to blow dust away from surfaces, crevices, creases in upholstery and other hard-to-reach places. It also helps to dry out any moisture left behind during detailing. Therefore, it is an ideal device to add to your collection of interior detailing tools when you want immaculate results. You can target those tight nooks and difficult corners that are not easily accessible with a brush or cloth. An air blower is useful for the following:

  • Cleaning around the control panels and displays on the dashboard
  • Drying any beads of water from windows, doors etc
  • Blowing dust out of A/C vent slats
  • Getting into seat crevices where hair, crumbs and dust collect
  • Dislodging food particles from car seats and carpets
  • Cleaning dust from around door seals and seat pockets
  • Removing hidden dirt from under seats and the car seat tracks
  • Blowing away sand from hard to reach places in the car after a day at the beach
  • Dislodging leaves and other debris caught under seats, mats and foot pedals

Once you have blown away or dislodged the dust, food particles, sand or any leaves and dirt that have collected inside your car, simply vacuum the interior for a spotless finish. Other car wash equipment tools that help to achieve a professional finish include a steam cleaner to help clean and sanitize the interior.

Choosing a Suitable Air Blower for Your Auto Detailing Toolkit

Air blowers are available in different types and sizes. There are also multi-functional designs such as 2-tool-in-1 models that comprise an air blower and a vacuum cleaner. Look out for designs with a variable speed function to give you more control over the airflow.

Wattage varies widely between different models too. The more powerful, larger air blower used for leaf blowing can be around 3000 watts and weigh 3kg. This is typically used for keeping lawns, patios and driveways tidy or for jobs that require continuous use for more than an hour. However, compact hand-held designs are ideal for auto detailing. They generally have a power output ranging from 300-500 watts and weigh around 1-1.5kg.

Go For a Lightweight and Compact Design

What else should you take into consideration if you are thinking about buying an air blower? If you plan to include one in your car cleaning accessories, select a lightweight design with an ergonomic handle that makes it more comfortable to hold. It is also useful to have a selection of nozzles. For example, a standard nozzle is suitable for all surfaces while an air blade nozzle is great for accessing gaps in air vents. Smaller, compact models are also easier to store with the rest of your auto detailing kit when not in use.

Cordless Versus Mains-Powered Models

It is a matter of personal preference whether you choose a mains-powered or a cordless, rechargeable battery-operated model. For practical reasons, you may find it easier to use a cordless model when you are cleaning the enclosed space within your vehicle. You’ll have the freedom to clean the entire car interior without the need to be close to a power socket or using extension cords.

Alternatively, if you prefer the reliability of a mains-powered tool (no mid-job battery charging required), this will influence your decision making. Also, a plug-in model is good for the more time-consuming jobs that require a lot of power if, for example, you have to clean a large, outdoor area.

Tips and Maintenance

If you have a battery-operated air blower make sure it is always fully charged in preparation for your next auto detailing job. Other tips are:

  • Make sure nothing obstructs the air inlet when in use otherwise it may overheat
  • Clean the air filter regularly to ensure maximum performance
  • Refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines as to how often you change the filter
  • Clean the nozzle regularly. Use a small brush (a soft toothbrush will do) to free nozzles from any build-up of dirt
  • Inspect it to make sure all the bolts and screws are firmly in place before use
  • Some models are not designed to be used continuously for over an hour otherwise they will overheat. Be sure to read the instructions before use.

Other Uses for an Air Blower Around the Home

Smaller air blowers can also be used for cleaning electrical equipment and other fittings and fixtures around the home. It is often the safer alternative to cleaning delicate parts and electronics with soap and water or brushes. A controlled pressurized blast of air is great for removing trapped dirt and dust from the following:

  • Keyboards, especially where it collects around and under the function keys
  • Bookshelves and removing dust that collects between and on top of books
  • Cleaning the vents of air conditioning units
  • Cleaning dust build-up in the speaker, headset jack, battery charge sockets and connectors in phones or laptops
  • Dusting blinds
  • Ornaments (adjust the airflow to a lower setting when dusting fragile ornaments)
  • Blowing leaves off your garden patio, pathways and sidewalk outside your home


Adding an air blower to your auto detailing kit is a time-saving purchase. It is quick and efficient at blowing away dust or absorbing any extra moisture after washing your car. Prices range from around $50 to $100 depending on the make and model. You can also use it for many other chores around the home to make it a worthwhile investment.

However, it is only a recommended purchase if you really enjoy the intricate work of car detailing and have the time to do it. Alternatively, you can call on the experts to help! If you take pride in the appearance of your vehicle, schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts to have your car or van professionally cleaned and sanitized with our innovative and eco-friendly steam technology.

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