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7 Auto Detailing Tools People Often Forget They Need for DYI Car Wash

7 Auto Detailing Tools People Often Forget They Need for а DYI Car Wash7 Auto Detailing Tools People Often Forget They Need for а DYI Car Wash

7 Auto Detailing Tools People Often Forget They Need for DYI Car Wash

Most vehicle owners want to keep their cars’ paint looking good and beautiful all the time. They enjoy taking pride in their rides that gleam with shine inside and out. Therefore, they do their best to take good care of their cars on a regular basis. This includes getting a full detailing job once in a while as well as a good old DIY car wash in the driveway for maintenance purposes. But even the most thorough care of the latter type cannot stand up to the meticulous professionalism of an experienced detailer. Especially if you do not have the right auto detailing tools.

Sure, DIY car wash enthusiasts have their favorite car shampoo, car wax, clay bar, tire and wheel cleaner, a couple of brushes, a buffer, microfiber towels, wash mitts, etc. However, sometimes they feel they don’t have enough. And they’re right. There are, indeed, other auto detailing supplies and equipment they are missing. What are those? Read our list of car wash equipment tools that people often overlook and find out. The auto detailing tools in the list follow no particular order.

Auto Detailing Tools: What Are You Forgetting?

1. Detailing Cart with Bottle Organizer

Don’t you sometimes wish that your auto detailing tools are neatly lined up in one cart that you can easily pull or push wherever you want? Then a detailing cart with bottle organizers is what you need. It’ll not only save you time from rummaging inside that messy basket full of rags, towels, waxes, and shampoos, but you’ll also be spending less effort walking from your tool shed to your car.

2. A Towel Rack

Yes, you can hang your detailing towels on this rack. But there’s another fancy use for it. You can also use it as a spray bottle organizer. You can transfer some of the contents of your favorite liquid detailing products into separate spray bottles, label them, then hang them on the rack. Neat!

3. WD-40Auto Detailing Tools_WD-40

WD-40 is one of the must-have auto detailing tools in your car wash kit. Other than polishing surfaces, did you know that you can use it as a tool for the safe removal of sticker and decal residues? Just spray WD-40 on the area you want to clean. Let it sit for a few minutes. Then wipe with a damp cloth. Easy-peasy!

But wait, there’s more to WD-40 than meets the eye! You can use it for removing tar, bug residues, polishing chrome finishes, vinyl surfaces, and more. You can use it for your home, too.

4. Set of Detailing Brushes

Some DIYers often use a couple of brushes for detailing their car. But if you want to detail your vehicle effectively and avoid cross-contamination in the process, you need to have the right set of detailing brushes. There are actually ten car wash brush types, each with a specific function. Use them accordingly and you’ll prevent swirls and paint scratches as well as the formation of mold and mildew. Not to mention that you’ll effectively remove stubborn pet hair, too!

5. Steam Cleaner

There’s a misconception that, because of its high temperature, steam can damage car surfaces. In reality, nothing cleans like steam! It lifts up dirt from surfaces, so you’ll need less time for cleaning your car. And because you get to clean surfaces more effectively, you only need a minimal amount of water to get the job done.

True, steam can be really hot, but not hot enough to ruin car paint. It’s because modern car paint is specifically created to resist heat from the sunlight, which can get multiple times hotter than steam.

So, if you do not own a steam cleaner, you need to invest in one now and reap the benefits of years of DIY car washing to come!

6. Rolling Seat

Detailing a car can be quite tiring – and body aching, too. Scrubbing and polishing door panels and steps, wheels and tires, and what not require you to bend, kneel, or crouch. All of these can cause joint and back pain when done continuously.

This is where a rolling seat comes in handy. You can safely roll around your truck or car, saving you loads of time from walking back and forth. And since you won’t feel the usual pain that comes with bending or kneeling for a long time, you get to actually enjoy detailing your car.

7. Grit Guard Pad Washer

If you’re into buffing your car’s paint, then this is one of the auto detailing tools you might want to invest in. Buffer heads need to be cleaned and dried properly after every use. This is to prevent leftover lint and residual dirt from coming into contact with your car paint the next time you use it. A grit guard pad washer cleans and dries your buffer heads faster and more effectively. You just put your buffer into it, turn it on then let the magic happen. A no-mess, no-sweat way of keeping your buffer heads clean! A great way to extend the life of your precious car wash equipment, too.

These are just some of the auto detailing tools you might be forgetting. Invest in them now to make your car detailing more enjoyable and effective. This way, you’ll have more time to spend with the people and things you love. But, if you feel like your car needs proper care and attention, schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts. We have all the right auto detailing tools, including green car wash supplies, required to give your car that showroom-shiny appearance you have been longing for.

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