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Car Wash Kit – 10 Auto Detailing Supplies You Should Have in It

Car Wash Kit – 10 Auto Detailing Supplies You Should Have in It

Car Wash Kit – 10 Auto Detailing Supplies You Should Have in It

It is a common misconception that every shiny car is new or washed by professionals. With the right knowledge and a complete car wash kit, everyone can have a clean car. So, if you always wanted to be a proud owner of a spotless and glossy car that attracts everyone’s attention but didn’t know how, keep reading.

A well-assembled car wash kit is a necessary tool for a clean car. With a wide range of different car cleaning supplies and products, it is very confusing to figure out what is a smart purchase. Maintaining a clean car requires a lot of cleaning, waxing and polishing, so you will need the right supply in your car wash kit to give your car a show-quality appearance.

Knowing how hard and time-consuming it is to put together your own personal kit of products, we decided to provide you with a list of 10 auto detailing supplies you should have in your car wash kit.

10 Detailing Supplies You Need in a Car Wash Kit

1. Eco Car Shampoo and Conditioner

Here at DetailXPerts, we strongly believe that no one should use any harsh detergents or dish washing liquids. Eco car shampoo and conditioner contain natural plant, fruit and vegetable extracts. These cleaning products are strong enough to clean dust, grime and dirt from your car, without damaging its paint, while reducing impact on the natural environment.

2. Microfiber Wash Cloths

Microfiber wash cloths are synthetic fiber made of very small threads. It is so soft at such a micro level that you can’t even see it or feel it. Microfiber has the power to absorb up to seven times more water than other materials. It is designed not to scratch exterior paint, while holding dirt and dust. Microfiber cloths are gentlest cleaning cloths available today and they are so effective that even professionals have them in their car wash kit.

3. Wax

Although many people think that waxing is something that is done on special occasions, it should be actually done on a regular basis. Just as you provide regular maintenance to the engine of your car, it is very important not to ignore the exterior, as it needs regular care as well. By preserving oils that prevent oxidation, wax protects your car’s paint and exterior from different environmental factors and temperature changes. It will bring out the brilliant shine and everyone will admire your car. Here are some benefits of waxing your car:

  • Adding to the resale value to your car
  • Keeping your car safe from the elements
  • Saving a lot of time and money
  • Boosting your confidence

4. Electric Buffer

A car wash kit should have an electric car buffer, as it can speed up the process of cleaning and polishing your car, and give exterior paint a smooth and sleek appearance. It takes a little time to get used to this power tool and to build up the right technique. If used incorrectly, electric buffers can damage paint, so you should practice on some scrap before using it on your car.

5. Glass Cleaner

Cleaning your car windows improves your visibility and looks beautiful together with your waxed paint. You should avoid using glass cleaning products that contain ammonia, as it can release dangerous fumes, dry out rubber, leather and plastic, and it cannot be used on tinted windows. Plus, it stinks. Use a microfiber cloth to buff glass and get rid of cleaner residue. Together with oils from your skin, that residue causes spots and streaks on the inside of your car windows.

6. Tire Dressing

A car wash kit wouldn’t be perfect without a tire dressing because there is no point in waxing a car and cleaning its windows if your tires are dirty. A good tire dressing will prevent fading, drying and cracking. It contains polymer silicone protection, which will enhance and protect your tires with a natural sheen finish. It is very important to apply a tire dressing only to a clean tire in a thin even coat.

7. WD-40

WD-40 is a special multi-purpose product that is very important for a compact car wash kit. It will not only keep your car’s metal trims shine, but it will also remove rust from nuts, clean the dashboard and hide scratches from car surfaces. WD-40 effectively removes the most difficult stuff from car`s interior and exterior. It is not enough to fix all your problems, but it will definitely come in handy.

8. Carpet Stain Remover

From time to time accidents are bound to happen and the carpet in your car will get dirty. This is the reason why we need a carpet stain remover in our car wash kit. With carpet stain remover there is no need to panic. Just follow one simple rule: The faster you act, the better results you`ll get. Carpet stain removers are effective on almost every dry stain, and they are designed to work on most drinks and foods.

9. Vacuum Cleaner

Our cars have a tendency to get dirty and a great car wash kit wouldn’t be complete without a vacuum cleaner. A dirty interior not only looks ugly, but also creates an unhealthy environment. Therefore, it is very important to have a portable vacuum cleaner. It should have many attachments to reach all areas in your car. It is better to purchase a cordless vacuum cleaner, as it is easily transportable and needs no power outlet.

10. Upholstery Cleaner

It is very important to keep your car seats clean because you use them all the time. Little messes can quickly add up, so it is best to clean those stains immediately. Cleaning your upholstery is very easy thanks to specific upholstery cleaning products and a variety of techniques. Always be very careful with leather car upholstery.

Useful Tips While Using Your Car Wash Kit

Your car’s exterior is definitely the most painstaking aspect of cleaning your car. However, a nice shiny exterior is what you get to show off to others.

Always wash your car in the shade, because if the car is exposed to direct sunlight, the water will evaporate quickly and you will get soap spots on your car.

While you are waiting for the exterior to dry, you can clean the interior. We always recommend using environmentally friendly household products.

With all information you learned while reading this blog, you can start cleaning your car just like the professionals. However, if you don’t have time to assemble your ideal car wash kit, schedule an appointment and we will gladly provide our presidential car wash service.

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