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Would Your Business Benefit From Commercial Fleet Services?

Do You Need Commercial Fleet Services

Would Your Business Benefit From Commercial Fleet Services?

Did you know that there were almost 8.5 million fleet vehicles in the U.S. as of January 1, 2019? What a staggering number! And that’s a statistic covering only cars and class 1-5 trucks leased, owned or rented by an entity with more than 15 units. Of them, more than 3.2 million are leased or owned by a commercial entity, thus labeling them commercial fleet vehicles. Without question, all these cars, vans, trucks, buses, etc. need high-quality commercial fleet services to ensure the business’s proper operations and steady income flow. Let us explore together what are some types of businesses which benefit most from professional commercial fleet services and why.

Before we dig deeper into the subject, let us quickly review what the term “commercial fleet services” encompasses. In general, these are services that ensure the maintenance, functioning, and longevity of fleets operated by a business enterprise. Government and public sector fleets do not fall into this category. Essentially, this is strictly a B2B industry. Anything from oil change to cooling system inspection to fleet detailing represents a commercial fleet services example. Now, let’s see instances of businesses that need their fleets taken good care of.

Who Needs Commercial Fleet Services?

1. Trucking Companies

Think UPS, FedEx, Schneider, Ryder, Penske, and company. There are more than 777,000 of these for-hire carriers in the U.S. However, most of them, around 97%, own and operate less than 20 vehicles. Still, it is impossible to say “commercial fleets” and not think of any of the big names listed above. This is why our list starts with them.

There are numerous operating categories within the commercial trucking industry. For example, UPS and FedEx fall into the package operating type, while Kenan Advantage Group is a representative of the tank trucking type. Other operating types are general freight, household goods, and petroleum products, etc. Either way, all these companies have thousands of trucks, tractors, and trailers that need professional commercial fleet services on a regular basis.

One of the most important benefits trucking companies get from quality commercial fleet services is driver retention. According to an NPTC (National Private Truck Council) study, driver-turnover rate for commercial over-the-road truckload carriers was 94%! Additionally, these drivers are 3 times less safe than colleagues working for a company operating its own private fleet. Regular fleet maintenance can help reduce risks, provide better working conditions, and, finally, keep employees happy and loyal to the company.

2. Utility Companies

Utility companies provide products and services in the natural gas, electricity, telephone, water, and other sectors. They operate their own private fleets mainly to deliver repair and maintenance services to their clients. Actually, a utility company ranks at #1 of the top 500 U.S. private fleet owners with a total of 66,879 vehicles as of beginning of 2019 and that’s AT&T.

How do commercial fleet services help utility companies? Surely, besides the general benefits of keeping the fleet in tip-top condition for safety and performance longevity, there is one specific advantage that this type of fleet owners gets. Namely, this is the ability to react quickly to customer calls and signals for problems. Timely commercial fleet services can detect and remedy some fleet maintenance problems, keeping the client’s pool of vehicles ready for immediate requests.

3. Commercial Fleet Services for Food Products Companies

PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, SYSCO, Tyson, etc. – they all operate in the food and beverage industry and run their fleet armies to deliver their products across the continent. Long ago these corporations realized that they cannot count only on commercial freight companies to ensure timely deliveries within their network of production facilities, logistics centers, and outlets. They needed a higher level of access to and control over guaranteed truck capacity. Therefore, they built their own commercial fleets. In turn, these need regular servicing.

According to FleetOwner, 84% of companies with private fleets are involved in some kind of a “green initiative” and this holds true for the food and beverages, too. For example, PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay operates the largest number of all-electric vehicles in the U.S. Meanwhile, Tyson Foods is testing an opposed-posting engine, which reduces nitrous oxide emissions by 90%. Surely, these and other companies would be up for working with commercial fleet services providers that can add even more substance to their environmental and sustainability image. One example that comes to mind is contracting a mobile truck fleet detailing partner whose eco-friendly technology and products protect both the client’s vehicles and nature while delivering superiorly clean fleet units (yes, like DetailXPerts). Moreover, sparkling fleet vehicles protect the company from hefty DOT inspections and fines.

4. Transport Companies

This is a sort of a large category of companies that provide driver-operated transportation services for individuals and groups. Examples include taxi companies, limo services, shuttles, tours & sightseeing, etc. Their fleets may consist of a variety of vehicle types – sedans, SUVs, vans, minibuses, coaches, etc. Obviously, these need regular fleet services to ensure the safety and well-being not only of the drivers, but also of the passengers/clients.

When it comes to transporting people from one place to another, there are some particular commercial fleet services that can boost the company’s image and sales. Here we are referring specifically to high-quality steam interior detailing and sanitization services of fleet vehicles. They not only provide everyone on the ride with a spotless and fresh-smelling environment, but also eliminate germs and bacteria, ensuring a healthy trip. Vehicle interior cleaning and killing viruses with steam contributes to the transport company’s reputation. In turn, this translates to more sales and more loyal customers.

5. Rental Companies

Think Alamo, Enterprise, National, SIXT, Hertz, U-Haul, and others. These rental companies own and provide vehicles of different types and sizes for your personal transportation needs. Did you just land at an airport and need a car to get to the city? Or are you moving to a different state? These fleet operators have you covered. Yet, someone needs to cover their fleet maintenance.

With more than 2.2 million rental vehicles out there in the U.S., it is clear that rental companies need a way to achieve cost efficiencies when it comes to taking care of their fleets’ needs. In-house solutions are not always the best way to go about it. Getting commercial fleet services provided by a third party often translates to higher quality, faster turnaround, and lower expenses.

6. Sanitation Providers Also Need Commercial Fleet Services

The big garbage trucks that collect waste and drive it to recycling centers and landfills make it to our top 6 fleet operators that need commercial fleet services. Why did we include them? Because 3 of the top 10 private fleet owners are sanitation providers with a total of 66,550 vehicles. These big trucks need big-time care that not always comes from the inside.

Fleet services providers assist waste management companies in maintaining their lot’s performance. Additionally, they can bring valuable insight into how to transform the fleet vehicles to comply with tightening environmental legislation. Lastly, by keeping the fleet in perfect condition, services providers can contribute to waste companies tackling their pressing driver shortage problems.


There are almost 1 million fleet owning companies in the U.S. They range in business models, industries, size of fleet, types of fleet vehicles, etc. Yet, they all need commercial fleet services to ensure business continuity, regulatory compliance, employee satisfaction and retention, excellent customer service, and so on. If you are one of them and your fleet needs detailing, don’t hesitate to reach out to DetailXPerts. Our professional fleet services guarantee unmatched results. Simply call us at 1-877-317-9737 for your personalized business quote.


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