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Your Fleet Needs Detailing

Your Fleet Needs Detailing

Do you own a fleet? If it is the second most expensive investment for a person to buy his or her own vehicle, I bet you have spent quite a fortune to invest on those vehicles. Vehicle fleet is a company which owns several vehicles for rental purposes or for the company’s use for transportation. It is necessary to get these fleet maintained. As a business owner, I’m sure you do not want your business flow stalled just because you cannot use the vehicles when they breakdown. To avoid such hassle, it is advisable to get a scheduled maintenance on your fleet. Unwanted and unexpected delays can affect your business’s credibility to provide. Search professional help, when your fleet needs detailing.

In the same way, since these vehicles are the carriers of your business, you would want them to look good. If your vehicle fleet is mostly for other people’s consumption, it is important to keep them looking nice and clean. The way it will look says a lot about your company. Customers can either choose to buy or not to buy, to use or not to use your services.

DetailXPerts Specializes in Fleet Detailing Services

I know there are lots of car wash companies around but what really separates DetailXPerts from the rest? A comprehensive detailing should be given for any detailing company but when your fleet needs detailing, you can expect professional detailing services from DetailXPerts. The steam cleaning technology also ensures an eco-friendly detailing and cleaning. Given that a fleet has a number of vehicles; it will be a concern just to wash these vehicles. Why? Imagine how much water is consumed on one car for a regular car wash. Then, multiply that with the number of vehicles you have on your fleet. There are different ways to clean your vehicles – regular washing, waterless washing, the revolutionary steam cleaning…

Different Methods for Maintaining Your Car (and Fleet) Beauty

Let us assume it is summer and it is the time of year your vehicle gets too dusty.

1. Regular Car Wash

It is the traditional way of washing your vehicle. It is sometimes more comfortable to do something you are already familiar with. If you are using a common garden hose which has ½ – ¾ inch diameter, running with a typical pressure of 40 psi, you are already consuming about a gallon of water after a minute. If it takes you an hour to wash your vehicle and your ½ inch garden hose is open for half of that time, that’s around 30 gallons of water you are using. Regular washing also uses detergents to cleanse the dirt off. Detergents, as they go to our waterways, though agents for cleansing, are also pollutants to our body of waters. Washing with this information in mind can be said to be the primary household wastewater generator.

Do this regular washing on our fleet and that is a massive amount of waste you are generating for the sake of cleaning.

2. Waterless Car Wash

It has been around these days, mostly in bottles. Yes, they use chemicals instead of water. It does sound to be a good thing as it will not generate any wastewater. However, chemicals in high concentration can cause damage on your vehicle’s body paint. Chemicals sound more dangerous than soap water, not just to our environment but on our health too. Well, it should come in handy but it is necessary for you to be aware of the contents of what you will be using. It is convenient but safety matters most.

3. Steam Cleaning

It is the newest technology introduced in the car wash industry. It sounds expensive and troublesome but on second thought, it is in fact the safest, most convenient way to clean your vehicle. Two gallons of water converted to steam can clean 15 cars. That preserves a lot of the water that a regular washing can use. You will not worry about its contents as steam is simply water vapor. It acts like chemicals because of the heat generated. The heat softens dirt, thus giving the same cleaning effect as detergents and waterless washes. It also acts as a sterilizing agent. The heat should be able to eliminate common allergens and harmful bacteria, giving you a safer vehicle to use.

If you are someone who cares about the environment, you know what the perfect option for your fleet is. This works for your business’s best interest as well. Choose wisely.


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