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7 User Generated Content Items That Can Help Grow Your Auto Detailing Business

User Generated Content Ideas to Help

7 User Generated Content Items That Can Help Grow Your Auto Detailing Business

Consumers now have much more information and are more selective than they used to be. These days, people like to explore their options and do their research first before making a purchase. Moreover, this includes seeking out user generated content (UGC). For example, reviews and personal recommendations, to help with their decision-making. They are also willing to talk about their experience with your business, which then helps other customers make the right choices.

The success of incorporating user generated content into marketing campaigns is largely driven by trust. People trust more what their fellow consumers are saying about your auto detailing business. Consequently, they will make choices based on user generated content more than they would by simply watching a slick TV ad or seeing any other type of ad. They want genuine, informative feedback that has been generated without payment exchanging hands. Moreover, people are naturally curious to find out about other customers’ experiences with your brand before they spend their own money on your services. Therefore, you should take advantage of user generated content whenever possible if you want to grow your auto detailing business.

7 User Generated Content Ideas to Help Grow Your Business

Customers don’t just want to find out about your brand, they also want to talk about your brand after they’ve bought something from you. This is where the impact of internet on business is considerable. It has never been easier for customers to share their experiences widely on social networks and other online platforms. Positive, unsolicited experiences can greatly influence what other people buy. Here are some ideas on the most effective user generated content you could incorporate into your marketing strategy.

1. User Reviews and Ratings on Your Website and Business Pages

Digital marketing trends such as posting online reviews are a great example of how user generated content can help boost brand awareness. Reviews bring your brand into the conversation and highlight what you do. This kind of fresh content is also great for SEO purposes and boosting your visibility on search engines. Encourage your customers to leave a review or star rating after they have visited your auto detailing business. This includes posting on review sites like Yelp or Google My Business and sharing reviews on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. It helps if you give customers a link that takes them directly to where they need to post a review. This link can be sent via a follow-up email or text/social media messages after they have visited your car wash.

Positive reviews are key to great car wash marketing. However, even a negative online review can be turned into a positive experience if you respond to a dissatisfied customer in an appropriate, professional way. Make it clear that you are listening to them, taking onboard their concerns. Moreover, if you engage with them positively, your efforts will not go unnoticed by the customer and everyone else who reads your response.

2. Repost Photos on Social Platforms

When it comes to reassuring customers that you are a reputable auto detailing business, the  “show, don’t tell” approach is a powerful example of user generated content in action. This can be achieved by encouraging customers to share photographs of your auto detailing/car wash services on social media. Photographs shared online by your customers are a great way to showcase your business services, skills and attention to detail. If people are impressed by what they see, you could quickly increase your customer base and your profits. Note, if you are reposting photos on your Facebook or Instagram accounts to share with your own followers/audience, be sure to ask for permission first. The same goes for videos, see below.

3. Share Customer Videos on Your Instagram and Facebook Pages

The more you engage with your customers, the easier it becomes to acquire user generated content.  For example, make the most of Instagram for small business by asking customers to share videos of their clean and shiny cars after a visit to your car wash. You can repost or “regram” in your Instagram Stories and your Instagram feed. Everyone loves a good “before and after” video, too. Videos from your past buyers that educate potential customers about what services are offered at your car wash business and the technology you use are always well received and will help to generate new business.

4. Use Hashtags to Collect User Generated Content

Hashtags on social platforms are another great way to collect user generated content. Ask customers to share their favorite service at your auto detailing business. For example, it could be your mobile vehicle detailing service, car wax and polish or upholstery cleaning. Get them to share a photo of their sparkling clean truck, car or RV and make it clear that you would like to share customer photos on your social channels and website. The request could look something like this:

  1. Follow @detailxpertsbiz
  2. Post a photo of your vehicle after your favorite service at DetailXPerts
  3. Tag @detailxpertsbiz and use #mydetailxperts and #autodetailing in the post copy

Encouraging the use of hashtags helps you keep track of who is producing relevant content for your car wash business. Connecting with customers is important. Thank them for mentioning you and credit them if you use their content. It builds goodwill and helps to strengthen your reputation as a trustworthy business.

5. Turn Thank You Notes into 5-Star Content

A simple thank you note from a satisfied customer is another example of authentic user generated content that can help influence people’s purchasing decisions. If a customer is happy to share their words of appreciation, you can turn a thank you note into a post on social media to highlight customer satisfaction. It is a great way to direct attention to a product, service or experience. Don’t forget to include a call to action next to the thank you post. Include your business contact number or a link in bio on Instagram. This could result in potential sales and increase car wash revenue.

6. Tweet the Experience

A few words can make a big impact. Using Twitter for business is another great way to interact with your customer and encourage free user generated content. You can start the conversation and thank a customer for visiting your car wash. Hopefully, they will interact and respond favourably! This gives you the opportunity to retweet the conversation and share it with the world. For example, positive interaction on Twitter can do a lot to influence purchasing decisions when people are searching for a reputable car wash or auto detailer.

7. Upload Testimonials on Your Website

Testimonials are another way to share user generated content online. The great thing about using testimonials is that you can cherry pick the best ones to feature prominently on your website. You have more control over testimonials than you do reviews. Bear in mind, sometimes customers struggle to think of what to write. If this is the case, give them some helpful pointers, such as:

  • Get them to describe what kind of service they received
  • What aspects of the service made a good impression?
  • Did they feel they got value for money?
  • Ask them to include a couple of sentences about why they would recommend your business to others

Testimonials boost your credibility and reputation. If someone is willing to say nice things about your business, make sure everyone else knows about it.


Making the most of user generated content is a powerful way to raise the profile of your business and build your brand. You are being creative with content created by people instead of splashing out on expensive marketing campaigns that simply don’t have the same authentic, personal connection. Images, videos, reviews and thank you messages are all content that you can use to promote your business. Just make sure you have permission to share videos, photos, testimonials etc and remember to credit the user. Not only it is polite and professional, but it also gives you an opportunity to connect and engage further with your customers.

If you want to build a successful business, check out the DetailXPerts franchise opportunity. We support our franchisees every step of the way. This includes providing expert help and advice with detail business marketing and sales to build your customer base and boost profits.

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