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Increase Car Wash Revenue with Clever SEO: 10 Tips

SEO Can Increase Car Wash Revenue

Increase Car Wash Revenue with Clever SEO: 10 Tips

As a car wash business owner, you know that a website is an important part of your business’ marketing strategy. It is a low-cost, but an effective way to increase car wash revenue. Through your website, you get to establish presence and authority. You become accessible to your customers in a convenient way. With all that being said, why is your car wash website not getting the desired traffic and conversion? Why isn’t your website on the first page, or second or third, for that matter, of Google? Naturally, a non-performing website will not be able to increase car wash revenue. Read on and learn how to make your website work for you through the effective use of SEO.

What Is SEO Anyway?

According to, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy that focuses on visibility in organic, or non-paid, search engine results. It determines how search engines work, what people search for, the actual keywords people type into the search engines and ranks search engines people prefer to use. Most users use search engines to navigate the Internet. It is critical that you have SEO so you don’t miss out on opportunities to drive traffic to your car wash website.

SEO Tactics to Increase Car Wash Revenue

Increase Car Wash Revenue with Clever SEO 10 Tips

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1. Evaluate Your Car Wash Website

The first thing that you need to do is to examine your car wash website. Find out why you’re not getting enough traffic and the fulfillment of your desire to increase car wash revenue. Look for errors on your site. Find out if you have duplicate pages, redirects, duplicate content, and other site errors that need fixing. Neil Patel suggests that you closely scrutinize your overall site performance and find out what’s not working. Once you have determined that, set goals for yourself and implement them.

2. Research Your Keywords

Keyword is a byword for websites and blogs. Researching keywords is already a common tip for SEO beginners. Find the right keywords to use on your website and blog posts. However, make sure that they are relevant to your car wash business. Be careful about using keywords that are too broad. In addition, you also have to research your competitors’ keywords says Small Business Trends. This is what most business websites fail to do. What keywords are your competitors using to get more site traffic and ultimately to increase car wash revenue?

3. Increase Car Wash Revenue by Using the Right SEO Tools

There are plenty of tools you can use to help you in your SEO. These tools can help you understand and improve SEO for your car wash website. You can go straight to the source, like Google. Google offers several SEO tools, like Google AdWords. This tool helps you find the right keywords to use based on search volume. Then, Google Analytics tracks when and how keywords are driving traffic to your website. Additionally, you can use Google Trends to find out what’s trending on Google Search.

Aside from tools provided by Google, there are also other tools you can use, like Ubersuggest, which gives you keywords suggestions. Or simply search the net! There are a lot of tools at your disposal to make your website effective and ultimately, increase car wash revenue.

4. Choose SEO-Friendly Headlines

Keep your headlines, or titles, short and to the point. Just like readers, search engines do not have the patience for long headlines. This is the advice of editor/project manager and business journalist Michelle Rafter. Your headline must attract, engage and sell.

According to a study done by Oribi on post-naming, numbers help posts become more viral. They recommend using numbers on your headlines, like “7 Ways to …” and “10 Tips for …”. “It also helps if you use digits instead of number words.” Another recommendation based on the study is to use words which promise to teach readers something new. Words like “guide”, “introduction”, and “DIY” are hits online.

5. Write Quality Content

Of course, you have to write quality content. Readers still want to read in-depth content that provides real insight. If you can, write longer content. The average web page ranking on the first page of Google has over 2,000 words. But don’t write lengthy content just for SEO. Make sure that you have something worthwhile to share with your readers.

6. Increase Your Site Speed

Site speed matters in search rankings. Especially now that there is an emphasis on user experience, site speed is a critical factor says Business 2 Community. Check the size of your images. Huge sizes can cause a lag in loading your website. Compress them if they are too big.

7. Promotion of Your Website Can Increase Car Wash Revenue

Do not hesitate to promote your website. Once you have published a new post or updated your website, email your subscribers. Share it on social media! Take advantage of Facebook and LinkedIn. Post on forums to reach new audiences. Utilize every medium as much as you can.

8. Gather Reviews

Another way to increase car wash revenue through SEO is to leverage on user-generated content. Reviews influence customers to make a purchase. Send an email to a customer to thank them for their business and tell them that you would appreciate it if they can provide a testimonial of their experience at your car wash. Offer a discount or coupon on a future purchase in exchange. Build a community around your car wash. Ask your customers to leave a review on your website, on your Facebook page, or Google Business listing.

9. Answer Questions

What would prospective customers ask about your car wash? Brainstorm on what possible questions they may have. Chances are, these are the questions they would type on search engines. Then, provide them with credible answers so they’ll visit your site. Optimize your FAQ page to give handy answers and, simultaneously, help you increase car wash revenue.

10. Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

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A Google and Mobile Marketing Association survey reported that 53% of American consumers access search engines at least once a day through their smartphones. This was published by in August 2015. Target mobile users to increase your website traffic. Since 2013, mobile search queries have grown 5 times and 67% of consumers are more likely to use a service if the website is mobile-friendly. Moreover, 50% of mobile searches lead to purchase.


Follow these 10 tips and you will see how your website can increase car wash revenue. A word of caution, though: do not get too carried away in search engine analytics. Remember that your website is for humans, not robots. You are still writing for your customers. Make sure that you give them quality content worth reading.

If you want to reap the benefits of being affiliated with a stable website with effective marketing strategies, consider becoming a becoming a DetailXPerts automotive franchisee.

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