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Conversations with a Social Entrepreneur

Conversations with a Social Entrepreneur for Podcast Page

Conversations with a Social Entrepreneur

Do you like the idea of being a social entrepreneur? If you want to give back to your community, then social entrepreneurship might be your calling.

Emmanuel and Angela Williams are the founders and executive leaders of DetailXPerts. They also host the More Details, Please podcast. One of their guests was Dr Patty Neil, business owner, author, and VP of Human Relations at DetailXPerts. Patty chatted to the Williams about life as a social entrepreneur and her passion for making a real difference in people’s lives.

Giving Back to Create a Brighter Future

A social entrepreneur combines business with a commitment to social change. And this goal is precisely what Patty Neil set out to achieve.

Patty had a long career in middle management before choosing our hard-to-beat franchise business investment. This career move gave her the opportunity to explore purpose-driven social entrepreneurship. She also wrote about this experience in her PhD. Her goal is helping underprivileged people find jobs. She cares about the environment, too.

Finding Your Purpose

Patty was seeking a scalable and sustainable business. DetailXPerts was the perfect fit. The green mobile cleaning company prioritizes people and the planet, not just profits. “I loved the idea of cleaning cars with steam, using a minimum amount of water and non-toxic car wash products,” said Patty.

Patty was so committed to being a social entrepreneur, she invested her pension and savings. For example, Rollover for Business Startups (ROBS) is one way to get financing for your business venture.

Social Entrepreneur Mindset: I Can’t Quit

Tackling social challenges is rewarding but not always easy. Patty talks openly about the highs and lows of her entrepreneurial journey. And she admits the experience has tested her in many ways. However, she said, “I can’t just quit.”

Like other strong women entrepreneurs, Patty knows hard work and learning from experience help drive success. So, she focused on her vision and what she wanted to accomplish. And becoming more business savvy was crucial, too. This learning curve included getting a firm grasp of her company’s financials and figuring out how to delegate successfully.

Life Is About Growth

Podcast host Emmanuel Williams says life is about growth and successfully navigating challenges along the way. In the same way, being a social entrepreneur is a journey of personal growth. Another key point is your desire to make a difference. For instance, what motivates you to create positive and sustainable change in underserved areas?

“Find what you love doing,” says Emmanuel. “And do it in a way that serves a greater good.” His definition of success is “living with purpose”. His advice underpins the mission of social franchising.

Benefits of Social Entrepreneur Life

This type of work has many benefits. For example, Patty provides jobs for people who might otherwise have struggled to find work. And improving the lives of others is deeply rewarding. Moreover, positive customer feedback about her mobile detailing business gives her hard-working employees a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Other benefits include personal growth and self-discovery. Also, Patty says her journey is about learning to love herself and finding joy. Thinking creatively and finding innovative solutions to social and environmental problems can be fulfilling, too.

You Always Have a Choice

Thinking about social entrepreneurship, starting a business, or wanting to make lifestyle changes often means stepping outside your comfort zone. And the fear of the unknown can make you reluctant to pursue new opportunities.

However, Patty remembers her high school teacher saying, “Regardless of the circumstances, you have a choice.” And making choices that are in line with your passion can make your life more meaningful.

To summarize, being a social entrepreneur comes down to your values, principles, and self-determination. Are you deeply passionate about your social mission? Also, you need a sense of empathy and compassion. These traits help you understand the needs and challenges of the people or cause you want to help.


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