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Auto Detailing Supplies: Car Wash Soap

Auto Detailing Supplies Car Wash Soap

Auto Detailing Supplies: Car Wash Soap

Auto detailing as we often mention is necessary for car care and maintenance. When doing auto detailing yourself, you must have the tools, products and auto detailing supplies to help you do the detailing properly. Remember, a well-done auto detailing starts with the right auto detailing supplies.

We will have to go through the different auto detailing supplies one at a time due to the variety of products available in the market today. The type and brand of products you use also speaks of the level of experience you have in this industry.

In regular car maintenance, it always starts with washing your car. There are different tools and products available to wash your car. Among these are: foam guns, grit guards, car wash soaps, clay lubes and clay bars just to name a few. When washing the tires and wheels a brush is recommended. Wash mitt, buckets, and microfiber towels are a great asset to have for drying.

What Do You Need to Know about Car Wash Soap?

First, we will discuss car wash soaps since it is the most varied auto detailing supply when washing your car. Car wash soap is initially the first thing an individual uses when detailing a car. Most people may use and suggest using liquid detergent, dishwashing liquid or laundry detergent to wash your car. These particular products should never be used and are too harsh for your vehicle. When washing your vehicle, you want to clean it and not further damage the car. The use of regular detergents result to soap suds after car washing, pushing you to perform another tedious car wash or may even force you to spend on a professional car wash.

There is really no specific brand to use when washing your car. It all depends on your determination and knowledge on how it is done. When choosing car wash soap, things you would need to consider are budget and what is in the manufactured product. For a basic car wash, you will not need any fancy car wash soap. Oftentimes, an all-purpose cleaning product would do the work! It offers economy without sacrificing the quality of the results. You can even use it on other cleaning jobs you have at home. On your car, it can be used for an exterior wash and interior wash. When choosing an All-purpose cleaner, it is very important to check the ingredient labels to make sure that the product is safe for your vehicles paint.

Another car wash soap you may want to look into is the Wash and Wax type. It is more expensive than the previous brand but can still be considered economical for the value you get for the product. When using a wash and wax type product it actually saves you time and money as it pretty much replaces your individual car wash soap, concentrates and fast waxes. Perhaps a more affordable brand is Rain-X Wash and Wax. These brands only vary because of some advantages that might have been added to them during manufacturing. So, check the labels to make sure it matches up with what you are trying to achieve on your vehicle.

There are tons of different car wash soap brands to choose from. Listed below you will find the seven top brands:

  • Meguiars,
  • Turtle Wax,
  • Green Earth Technologies,
  • Blue Coral,
  • Mother’s,
  • Zaino,
  • Griot’s Garage

Another thing to consider is the clay bar that you will be using after car washing. Some clay bars react with certain car wash soaps. They break down and deteriorate when used together so it is important to test a piece of the clay bar with the car wash soap that you will be using. This is to make sure your car will be cleaned and not damaged.

Auto detailing and professional detailing certainly go hand-in-hand and the merger of both these wonderful technical aspects keeps our car clean and fresh.


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