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What Chemicals to Watch Out for When Detailing Your Car’s Interior

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What Chemicals to Watch Out for When Detailing Your Car’s Interior

Thinking of detailing your car’s interior and wondering which auto detailing supplies to use?

Although we cannot completely avoid the use of store-bought products for interior detailing, we can avoid those that contain harsh chemicals that can compromise our health and safety, damage our vehicle and the environment. The most common types of chemicals include are surfactants, solvents, wetting agents, saponifiers and chelators.

Detailing products come in a variety of grades and classes. All are made to clean, polish or renew the surfaces of an automobile. Every nook and cranny, from the dashboard dials to the seats and exterior chrome have products designed to bring out the luster of the surface. But it is very important to know that not all cleaning ingredients are good for your health.

Although product manufacturers do not purposely intend to harm us, they are actually trying to please us! They are simply creating a product which us the consumer wants. As a consumer it is our responsibility to be aware of the chemicals within the cleaning products that we use. Once start reading the labels on cleaning products, it will be the first step in keeping a health family but most importantly yourself.

5 Harmful Chemicals to be Aware of When Detailing Your Car’s Interior

  1. Teflons & Fluropolymers: Car care manufacturers use these ingredients as a gloss/protective agent for car surfaces. Traditionally you will find this in quick detailers, car waxes and car wash products. During the production of teflons and fluropolymers, a hazardous chemical known as perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) is used. PFOA is a toxicant and carcinogen in animals. It has been linked to birth defects, increased cancer rates and changes to the immune 8.
  2. Phosphates: Phosphorus occurs naturally in rock formations in the earth’s crust, usually as phosphate. They are of high nutritive value to plants and animals at normal levels in the environment. However, phosphates are also used as detergent builders in some car care products, which causes aquatic plant life to flourish, thus decreasing oxygen levels for other organisms. Found in car wash soaps.
  3. Methanol: Is a solvent derived from wood and petroleum. It is acutely toxic and can cause blindness. Found in window cleaners and windshield wash.
  4. Kerosene: Is a synthetic distillate and is used as a grease cutter. Kerosene can damage lung tissues and dissolve the fatty tissue that surrounds nerve cells. Found in all purpose cleaners and degreasers.
  5. n-Propoxy propanol: Exposure to this chemical can cause irritation of eyes, nose and throat. Potential symptoms in animals are eye and skin irritation. If you were to come into contact with this chemical some heath effects will include irritation of the eye as well as skin.

Did you know that animal fat is used in the manufacturing of soaps?

If detailing your vehicle is something you do consider doing on your own free time make sure to read the label for harmful chemicals. The list above is just a sampling of harmful chemicals within detailing cleaning agents.

On the other hand, Mobile Auto Detailing, Auto Reconditioning and owning and operating your own Auto Detailing Shop has never been more lucrative than it is right now! Whether you are seeking the very best in professional auto detailing equipment, auto detailing supplies, or auto detailing training, DetailXPerts is the Choice of Champions!

DetailXPerts is the World’s First Eco Friendly Steam Cleaning Franchise. We have the experience, the knowledge and the passion to provide all of our clients with the very best ECO FRIENDLY service. So, there are absolutely no harmful chemicals you need to worry about. Car enthusiasts, country clubs, parking garages, professional sports teams and, police departments are only a few examples of the types of clients we provide high-end auto detailing and auto reconditioning services for. Schedule your appointment today!

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