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Top 6 Common Car Problems and Solutions

Top 6 Common Car Problems and Solutions

Top 6 Common Car Problems and Solutions

Running into a problem with your car is the worst. However, the good news is that most of these problems are so common that you’re never alone! Fixing your car will be easier than ever after you read these six common car problems and their solutions.

Solutions for Common Car Problems

Dirty Vents

Your AC vents are home to contaminants and bacteria that could make you sick. Cleaning your vents helps to remedy that problem. We recommend using a pliable brush with a long handle to reach into the narrow crevices that air vents have. To thoroughly eradicate any lingering foul odors, try using air cleaner sprays or use a steam cleaner for best results.

Changing Your Engine Oil

Thanks to this simple tutorial, changing your engine oil is as easy as 1-2-3. We know that it’s important to change the engine oil of our car on a regular basis. From gathering the necessary equipment needed to do the job, to finding the filter assembly, to finally restarting the engine after everything is finally done, the step-by-step method lays out everything you need to help you change your oil from the comfort of home.

Maintaining Your Car’s Transmission

We suggest following the order in our carefully crafted list! Regularly scheduled maintenance, checking the transmission fluid, safe driving practices, and consulting your professional auto detailer all contribute to a smoothly running transmission.

Maintain the Electrical System

Just like the human body, automobiles also have an electrical system. Keeping the proper electrical care for your vehicle includes making regular appointments just like you would do with yourself. Instead of waiting for the entire system to shut down, time your appointments in order to prevent issues before they even start. Start by getting to know your car’s electrical system, and once you’re informed treat it – and yourself – with great care.

Removing Tree Sap From Your Car’s Exterior

For those of us who have to park our cars under the shade of trees in late spring and summer, we know that sap can become an issue for the paint finish on our cars. Thus, our remedy for this is simple: use nail polish remover, mineral spirits, or WD-40 separately with the addition of water to rinse. Always remember to test these products out beforehand on an inconspicuous spot before using it over your entire car.

Dead Battery

As ominous as this sounds, this article makes the experience less scary. According to the article, if you or someone you know find yourself without a charger, your local Autozone is capable of checking your battery for free. Moreover, they also mention that if you do notice corrosion to clean it off with a metal brush, “unbolt the negative terminal first, then the positive. There might also be a ground wire that you’ll need to take off. Then, put the new one in.”

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