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Self Service Car Wash: Relationship Bonding Activity

Self Service Car Wash: Relationship Bonding Activity

Are Self Service Car Washes truly that difficult and intimidating? Sure, the directions may have rubbed off from years of wear, but most stations are the same. So, similar functions and similar equipment will give you instant familiarity when driving up to a self-serve car wash. Now-a-days, who wants to go anywhere along.

Couples, families, and friends a like often fall into a rut because of the familiarity of their routines together. Most of the time the only way they know to shake themselves out of that rut is to get outdoors and do something fun together. Unfortunately there are a lot of times during life when you just don’t want to be outdoors – whether that’s because of inclement weather or just that neither of you feels like leaving the house. What better way to spend your outdoors time then with the one you care about giving your vehicle an eco friendly wash.

Relationship Bonding Activity

For any car lover – what better way to build a stronger relationship with your loved ones than by cleaning the exterior of your car together? Spending quality time with one another only makes the relationship stronger and continues to improve.

  • Couples: Taking your significant other to a car wash outing can be educational and informative. At this time while scrubbing the bubbles all over the car you can suggest to your loved one ways to avoid dings on the car.
  • Families: Taking your son to the self service car wash is a great opportunity for you to teach him about car. Fathers and sons will have talks for hours about different car types to their favorite car ear and model.
  • Friends: When two friends find time to take both their vehicle to a self service car wash it is an exciting event for the week, hands down. They have mutual respect for each other cars and get eager to hear more tips from each other.

Washing your car in the driveway may seem like the gentlest way of preventing “swirl” marks in your car’s finish. These are mini scratches in the clear coat that are circular in shape. The Self Service Car Wash is actually safer than a wash in your driveway! A continuous flow of fresh water and the proper mix of lubricating chemicals in the self service car wash removable handle dispenser has been proven to have less damaging effects than hand washing in your driveway. There are no buckets that accumulate abrasives at the self serve! Better chemicals and a proper mix makes for a better self serve wash. It is better for the environment too! Hand car washes to complete details can be done with families, friends and bucket list.

Make sure to visit a professional detailing services provider from time to time though for better results in the long run!


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