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Selecting an Auto Detailing Service: 5 Questions You Should Ask

Selecting an Auto Detailing Service: 5 Questions You Should Ask

Selecting an Auto Detailing Service: 5 Questions You Should Ask

Auto detailing can be a very lucrative business opportunity, hence more and more people are getting into it. In this industry, there are professionals who have perfected their knowledge and skills with years of training but there are also pseudo auto detailers who believe detailing their own cars is a sufficient warrant to start a business. How do you, then, find the right auto detailer among this mélange? Here are five questions that will make your choice easier.

1. What is the cost of detailing my vehicle and what services will I be receiving?

Most auto detailing services might not give you a fixed quote and will ask you to bring the vehicle for inspection. They will give you a price range for the services they offer. For instance, exterior detailing can cost between $50 – $100. They will also offer you detailing packages, which you can choose from depending on your needs and budget. Clarify about the detailing price against the services you’ll be getting before handing over your vehicle to prevent shady auto detailers from playing their tricks on you.

2. Is there a warranty for your service?

A warranty is a sign that the detailer is confident about the services he can deliver. Stay away from an auto detailing service that does not offer any warranty. You don’t want to walk away from the auto shop only to realize next day that all your money has been wasted for something that you thought was worthwhile. The duration of the warranty varies from job to job. For instance, a paint sealant warranty can run up to 5 years  while tire and wheel detailing will receive at least a month.

3. These are my special detailing needs. Can you cater to them?

If you have any requests for the detailer, don’t forget to mention them. You might have questions about how they detail leather upholstery or you might want an extra glossy shine on your black car. You may want the detailer to use a water-based tire shine instead of a silicone-based one. Make sure your auto detailing service can and will pay attention to these types of requests.

4. What type of products do you use?

You can use your knowledge of auto detailing products to test an auto detailing service. Question them about the brands they use to get an idea about what you are paying for. Keep in mind that the better the products, the higher the cost will be. You can also learn whether they will be using caustic chemicals on your treasured possession and avert the danger in time by saying NO to their service.

Are you an Eco-friendly auto detailing service? Although this is not a mandatory question, selecting a service that is environmentally-friendly can be beneficial not only to nature, but also to your vehicle. A service like steam cleaning, although more expensive compared to other methods, can work wonders on your vehicle. Effectiveness coupled with eco-friendliness make steam cleaning the ideal auto detailing method.

5. Do you offer any extra services like mobile detailing?

An auto detailing service may offer a variety of specialty services, both as package deals and individually. These services include mobile detailing, air sanitation, tire detailing, engine cleaning, headlight rejuvenation, etc. Many of these services, especially mobile detailing, can come in handy for vehicle owners. It is more efficient and hassle-free if you can get everything done at one place, isn’t it? So choose wisely.

With the right auto detailing service, you can build a great long-term relationship. By asking the above questions, you can assess their service and get a real understanding about the quality of their work. Don’t forget to talk to your neighbors who have used the same service, read online reviews from customers, etc.

In case you are in the look out for a new auto detailing service, contact DetailXPerts to get more information about our business.

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