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How to Make Sure Your Professional Detailer Has Done His Job

How to Make Sure Your Professional Detailer Has Done His Job

Eyeing a professional detailer in your area?

If you are a stickler for caring for and keeping your vehicles running in top condition, there are certain rituals you most likely swear by. Among them is sending it off to a professional detailer. As they are your pride and joy, you will definitely know especially if you opted for the professional detailing services.

No doubt, do it yourself vacuuming and cleaning should be done routinely. Yet, when it comes to waxing, polishing, shampooing, protection, sanitizing, sterilizing i.e. the more heavy duty items, it is best to entrust it to specialists who do it for a living and probably a lot better and faster.

Some aspects to look out for in detailing services

  • On the exterior, start with the rims and wheels, are they dull and stained or have they been scrubbed, steam cleaned of dust build-up and dressed to look bright and even a little or a lot shiny, as you requested.
  • While on the outside, notice if the paint on the body has a tinge of gloss to it – this will be noticeable as decontaminant and polish treatments are designed to downplay surface scratches, water- and other such marks.
  • Oftentimes, the overall look distracts us away from noticing if the hood, the doors and even if the jambs have been giving a thorough once or twice over by the hand car wash.
  • Adjourning indoors, from dashboard down to floor mats, and even rubber seals while you are at it, there’s much to draw your attention to. You may run the risk of being accused of nitpicking, but, that’s your prerogative…after all, it is called car detailing or steam cleaning in some instances.
  • The dashboard – as with other interior sections that are made of leather, vinyl or rubber — should be properly cleaned and polished with dressing that matches the material – to enrich its look and feel. Be sensitive to if it feels greasy, which happens when excess dressing has been applied.
  • Ashtrays that are not emptied and cleaned say a lot about the level of service and detailing. These compartments are small in themselves and regardless of if the owner is a smoker or not, more often than not, these repositories are stuffed to the brim – it would be obvious to ensure they are well-tended to.
  • Nothing knows like a dog’s nose, and if your sense of smell is as sharp, you will immediately pick up if the carpets have been steam cleaned, sanitized and deodorized. Heck, even the vents won’t go amiss.

Regardless of whether it is the presidential detail steam cleaning option you chose or just plain regular waxing, it pays to ensure your local car wash franchise can and does deliver the promised services.


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