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Is It Time to Replace Your Professional Detailer?

Is It Time to Replace Your Professional Detailer?

Make no mistake detailing a vehicle is an art. An art which takes time, skill, patience and commitment. While washing your car keeps the exterior looking nice, detailing is important to the maintenance of the car’s interior. The difference between cleaning a car and detailing lies, in the amount of attention to small areas, normally – unseen locations, and the steps involved. Car detailers clean the cracks and crevices of the car and in some cases even remove parts of the interior to do a thorough job.

When you are approached by a professional detailer, you have the right to continue letting the technician detail the vehicle or explain to him why you will no longer need his service. Perhaps, it might be helpful to explain to the detailer how he can improve so, the next time he can keep his job. Listed below are situations where you may want to choose a new professional detailer.

Six tips on when it’s time to change your professional detailer:

  • Unorganized detailer
  • Shows up to the job site late
  • Returns the vehicle late
  • Vehicle is not return the way you dropped it off. For example: the heater and windshield wipers are on, music is turned up loud and the blinkers are on.
  • The attire of the detailer is inappropriate for the job
  • Has not done a thorough detailing job. For example: Vacuuming is not complete, windows still have smudges, items scattered all over the interior.

Car detailers have one simple job which is to make your car sparkle and shine.

Like the name implies, the bulk of their work is in the details. Not only will DetailXPerts detailers clean and wax your car, they clean carpets and conditions leather, vinyl and upholstery. So, it is important to keep in mind that detailing cars as a profession is hard work. If professional detailing appeals to you, then DetailXPerts can be very rewarding. There is a lot of elbow grease involved and the work is demanding. Lastly, keep in mind when a professional detailer is not doing his work accordingly then he should be let go immediately.


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