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Mobile Auto Detailing Prices – There’s Everything for Everyone

Mobile Auto Detailing Prices

Mobile Auto Detailing Prices – There’s Everything for Everyone

Convenient, personalized, and effortless. These are the top three benefits of mobile detailing services. And for these reasons, its popularity has increased by leaps and bounds. To meet the needs of a growing market, there has been an influx of service providers, with varying mobile auto detailing prices.

So you begin to wonder how providers are pricing their services. Why is one provider charging more for the same service? And is that extra cost even worth paying for?

Factors Affecting Mobile Auto Detailing Prices

Your Location

Mobile vehicle detailing companies will perform your preferred service in your chosen location. They’ll go to your home, office, gym, or wherever you feel most convenient. This means they’ll have to spend on fuel to and from your home, office, gym, or wherever you want to have your vehicle serviced. They’ll also have to bring their own wastewater system to ensure they don’t leave dirty pools of water behind.

The region where you are currently residing matters too, because of the cost of living, prices of goods, services, and labor.

Your Vehicle’s Brand, Age, Size, and Condition

These greatly affect car detailing prices. Luxury car brands cost more to detail because first, their manufacturers require detailers to undergo training with them before giving them the certification to detail their brand; and second, these cars require the brand’s recommended auto detailing supplies.

Older, ill-maintained vehicles will also cost more to detail. They’ll need specialized detailing supplies and equipment to bring them back to life. Aside from steam cleaning to effectively remove stubborn contaminants, they’ll need clay barring, buffing, polishing, and sealing. Of course, you’ll have to pay extra for these supplies and equipment.

Huge vehicles like RVs, buses or ten-wheeler trucks will require the use of more cleaning and polishing materials and specialized tools and equipment like ladders and long brushes to get the job done. Also, to be able to finish the process faster, these big vehicles need to be serviced by two or more detailers.

Products Used Also Affect Mobile Auto Detailing Prices

Auto detailing supplies come in a variety of brands and prices. There are low-cost products designed for the budget-conscious vehicle owner; and there are higher-priced ones for meticulous car owners who won’t stop at anything to give the best care for their prized possession. So, if you want a more economic service, look for a detailer that uses lower-priced products. It’s also worthy to note that green products cost more than chemically-laden ones so auto detailers that use them (green products) need to pass on the extra cost to their customers. The products used also affect the cost to detail a car interior.

Technology Matters, Too!

Another factor that influences mobile auto detailing prices is the technology used. The more innovative a detailer is, the pricier his or her service. Why? Any innovation goes through several stages: idea generation and mobilization, advocacy and screening, experimentation, commercialization, and diffusion and implementation. In each of these stages, money and resources are very important to ensure reliability and accuracy of the innovative process.

DetailXPerts’ unique steam cleaning methodology, for instance, underwent different stages and is continuously being upgraded for the benefit of our customers.

Your Preferences

This is another factor that affects mobile auto detailing prices. Tar removal, pet hair removal, headlight restoration, leather seat conditioning, air sanitation, and other add-on mobile auto detailing services can improve the appearance and functionality of your vehicle, but they will definitely add to your bill.

How Does Customer Service Affect Mobile Auto Detailing Prices?

There’s good customer service and there’s beyond excellent customer service. The first responds to your needs within a day or two. The second connects with you right after availing its services via a thank you email. And instead of waiting to address customer complaints, an excellent car wash has a website where you can get tips and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) on how to maintain the beauty and functionality of your prized possession.

However, for a mobile detailing service to provide this type of customer service, it has to spend extra to train dedicated teams that will regularly create content, provide reactive service, connect to customers through email and social media, and so on. This is why it charges more than the rest – all for your convenience.

Recognized Brand

In the auto detailing industry, brand recognition matters a lot. But to be a recognized brand, a company has to use excellent marketing strategies. It spends for logo creation, flyers, a website with a blog, so that in time, people will easily recognize the brand wherever they are. Take McDonald’s, for example. With just one look at its famous Golden Arches, people immediately know that there are burgers, fried chicken, and fries to have.

However, becoming a recognized brand does not come cheap. Mobile detailers that employ great marketing strategies either spend huge amounts of time, effort and money to learn (if they do it themselves) or pay experts.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Recognized brands understand that a scathing social media post from an unsatisfied customer can hurt them. So does a negative Yelp review. That’s why they take pains to provide topnotch services all the time.

Green Detailing Services

When you choose a green business to work on your vehicle, you’ll have to understand that mobile auto detailing prices will be higher too. It’s because green products cost more than non-biodegradables. Why? Green products are generally not mainstream yet, and this is a disadvantage in terms of procuring the raw materials. Technology for green materials is still in its infancy stage, so manufacturers have to conduct expensive research and testing before they introduce them to the  market.

These are just some of the factors that affect mobile auto detailing prices. Consider these before you choose a provider. Are you for the cheapest service or do you appreciate the added value and would pay more for quality?

If you’re for the latter, you might want to schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts. Our mobile auto detailing prices might not be as affordable as ordinary car washes, but you will get the best value for your money because your vehicle will be cleaned and cared for by professionals.

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