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Is Vehicle Detailing More Popular Than Automated Car Washes?

Is Vehicle Detailing More Popular than Automated Car Washes?

Is Vehicle Detailing More Popular Than Automated Car Washes?

Automated car wash and vehicle detailing service – two different businesses founded to take care of the needs and wants of vehicle owners. Automated car washes were established as a vehicle owner’s best friend due to being budget-friendly and convenient, but with the arrival of vehicle detailing services and the dissemination of facts about the true harm that automated car washes can cause, the latter propelled to the forefront. But has this made automated car washes any less popular? Let’s find out.

The truth about automated car washes

As mentioned above, the main attraction of automated car washes is giving the vehicle a “thorough” wash with colorful foam that supposedly acts as  “conditioner”  for the paint. It also adds a nice touch with spray-on wax. All these services come for less than $15 in under 15 minutes. But gradually, vehicle owners came to realize that automated car washes are not all that they seem to be. They found paint scratches and swirl marks on the paint caused by abrasive brushes. The spray-on wax only lasted a few days. Driving away with water still dripping from the vehicle caused water spots on the paint.

With the advent of “touchless car washes”, automatic car washes were seemingly salvaged but this is not the case. Most of them use water that was not recycled properly. The pressurized jets of water aimed at the car could make the dirt “slide” over the paint and cause swirls and scratches. They also use harsh soaps and detergents that quickly strip off the wax. The “self service” car wash system is no better because vehicle owners still had to use water that is not  properly recycled.

Vehicle Detailing: Why it is better

Is Vehicle Detailing More Popular than Automated Car Washes?

Vehicle Detailing img src:

While you can’t get vehicle detailing services for less than $15 in under 10 minutes, they  more or less eliminate all of the hazards of using automated car washes. They also introduced a host of new services including interior detailing and sanitation, tire and wheel detailing, paint correction, engine cleaning, etc. and for those who want convenience, mobile detailing. Vehicle detailing entails the use of proper auto care products that are pH balanced. Professionals at these detailing services use clay bars to remove contaminants from the paint and then polish, glaze, wax and add sealant to protect it. They also remove the nasty scratches and swirls made by automated car washes.

Here’s a video about automated car washes:

Vehicle detailing, thus, gives vehicle owners a better option. It repairs the damages brought about by automated car washes and protects the vehicle too. This is why many individuals opt for vehicle detailing even if it costs more – because they realize that it’s money well spent in the long run. The internet also popularized “DIY vehicle detailing” because many pro detailers share their knowledge about detailing processes like polishing, waxing, paint correction, etc. Individuals also get the chance to see product testings, product reviews, etc. and make decisions about what is best for their vehicles. Some detailing services, such as DetailXPerts, show vehicle owners how to combine effective auto detailing with organic living.

Thus, we believe that the popularity of automatic car washes is declining, even if they are budget-friendly and convenient. Now that vehicle owners are aware of the damages they can cause and the cost of correcting those, most of them no longer take their treasured possessions to automatic car washes. Vehicle detailing has become the ideal option for them.

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