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The Dirty Little Secrets of Automated Car Washes

The Dirty Little Secrets of Automated Car Washes

The Dirty Little Secrets of Automated Car Washes

When your car needs a need a quick wash and dry, automated car washes are right around the corner waiting to service your car in less than 10 minutes for less than $10. However, have you considered the damage these cheap car washes cause? They make a whole variety of blunders when it comes to car detailing that can cost you a bundle to put right. Learn their dirty little secrets below.

They use abrasive cleaning products, equipment, and techniques

Automated car washes are known to use highly acidic chemicals that can erode the paint. They also use abrasive nylon brushes that rotate at a really high speed which will leave a multitude of microscopic scratches on the paint. If you think a touchless car wash is better, it is not. This system is designed to project jets of water at your car at a very high speed that can also damage the paint. In addition, these high speed systems can also damage accessories such as the wipers, side mirrors, antenna, etc. Also, when it comes to drying your car, car wash employees might use dirty and grimy towels that they have used on cars that went before yours, so now they contain all types of residue that can scratch the paint.

An eco car wash that utilizes the steam cleaning method is safe for your car in every way. It is an organic method that only uses a pint of water and a microfiber towel or a terry cloth to clean your car thoroughly from top to bottom. It is a mild but a very effective car detailing method.

Many car wash extras have little to no use

In addition to the basic wash, all automated car washes offer value added services to give your car a “better” service, but they are in fact gimmicks to make more money off you.

1. Triple foam – Sure, watching your car bathed in different colors of foam is fun, but you don’t pay extra just for entertainment. Automated car washes will offer triple foam in either “conditioner” or “wax” form. The former is merely colored and scented soap and the latter is only a water based silicon foamer. Ultimately, you have paid extra to get the basic wash, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t see any difference in the end.

2. Spray-on wax – Spray-on wax is a popular option at any automated car wash, but it will only last a few days. A car that is waxed by hand will retain it up to twelve months! Also, these services opt for low quality wax products that will give your car a temporary shine but won’t have the same effects that a good wax should have, such as UV protection, rust control, and preventing paint chips.

At a professional detailing service, you can get you car hand-waxed, which will provide the car the UV protection it needs. They will also use quality products to achieve the results they promise you. Ultimately, they will make sure you get your money’s worth.

3. Undercarriage rust proofing – Manufacturers use galvanized steel for your car which can withstand rust unless you are constantly driving on gravelly roads or in bad weather conditions. Therefore, paying for additional rust proofing at an automated car wash is useless.

4. They are not always environmentally friendly

Automated car washes are not the best systems when it comes to conserving water. They use an average of 45 gallons per car. Steam cleaning, in contrast, will use a pint of water for each car and there will also be no toxic waste water left. Some car washes recycle water in order to cut down on the amount of water used, but improperly recycled water will contain elements like salt which can cause your car to rust. In addition, they use harsh chemicals that are not only bad for the environment, but also for your health.

Automated car washes are good for cutting down car detailing costs, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Generic, low quality products combined with incorrect cleaning techniques will damage the car and extras that are labeled as “premium” or “deluxe”, most of the time, will do nothing. All things considered, automated car washes are only seemingly cheap, so why not go for a professional detailing service instead? Schedule an appointment with us to give your car the cleanliness it deserves.

Want to learn more about automated car washes? Watch this video:

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