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Secrets for Detailing a Ferrari

Secrets for Detailing a Ferrari

Secrets for Detailing a Ferrari

When it comes to detailing a Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari or any high-end vehicle manufacturers have very specific needs, and their are certain precautions that need to be taken to ensure the safety of the surface. Exotic vehicles such as a Ferrari are made of unique materials that can be damaged if treated with the wrong products. Of course, if you have the money invest in owning a Ferrari, you certainly want to make sure you take care of it properly. While owning a Ferrari can provide you with a nice status symbol, it does not come without some rather expensive maintenance costs. From the insurance to the cost of repairing a clutch, it is not easy to determine true cost of ownership. You can certainly save a great deal of money annually if you perform your own routine maintenance. One of the main maintenance expense would be detailing a Ferrari.

The mechanical service history of a Ferrari is one of the most important factors when evaluating a car before purchase, but it is equally important to evaluate how the car looks, both inside and out. A Ferrari is typically not a car to drive on a daily basis, but it certainly can be driven often, giving the owner a sense of pride and a taste of the Ferrari mystique. No one needs to know your Ferrari isn’t a brand-new machine, and most people simply won’t know—but nearly everyone will share your enthusiasm for the car.

Routine Maintenance When Detailing a Ferrari

  • Interior: All the detailing lays in the prep work. The Ferrari has always been outfitted with the finest hand-stitched Italian leather, carbon fiber and aluminum that are best preserved with specialized interior detailing. There’s no special science to car vacuuming. You need a good vacuum and a few attachments. The two most important attachments are the crevice attachment and the dust brush attachment. Start your vacuuming job by pulling out the floor mats. Push the front seats all the way forward. In order to keep your dash from cracking and fading, regular treatment is necessary. When it comes to cleaning the interior such as upholstery, hard surfaces and carpet will be steamed cleaned with a steam. While using a cotton cloth and DetailXPerts degreaser cleaner, you will start at the front of the vehicle on the dashboard, steam cleaning all hard surfaces. Once hard surfaces are steam cleaned you will move to the carpet and car seats. Remember to also steam clean the interior roof of the vehicle.

  • Wheels / Tires: The wheels and brakes on a Ferrari have magnesium or aluminum wheels and/or carbon ceramic disk brakes. The wrong cleaner can permanently damage them, costing thousands to replace. It is important to thoroughly clean the tires before applying any dressing to ensure it looks its best and lays on the rubber correctly apply a wheel cleaner, which you will place in every crevice of the wheel. Using a wheel brush will ensure a slight lather which seems to increase the cleaning power. A detail brush or short haired flexible brushes allow for cleaning behind the spokes and around the brake calipers. Keep in mind the importance of doing the wheel wheels first, so you are not rinsing the dirt off the arches over the clean tire.

  • Exterior:Newer Ferrari models feature ceramic clear coats for high scratch resistance. It is important to use polishes specifically designed for correcting ceramic clear coats. Earlier Ferrari models featured soft, thin paint surfaces that are easy to burn through if buffing with the wrong products at the wrong speed or with the wrong pads. By now you would have removed certain trim items such as the license plate and license plate frame. A natural sheep skin mitt should be used as the wash medium. With special care the mitt should be used to make all areas of the car completely clean and free of git and dirt. You will first want to steam clean the exterior of body. While holding the steamer wand, you want to move in a vertical directions, moving top to bottom.

    Lacking Knowledge when Detailing a Ferrari

    Most Ferrari owners will agree that maintaining a Ferrari can be one expensive task. One of the most common reasons Ferrari owners take their cars to professional detailers for routine maintenance tasks is because they lack knowledge: they really have no idea where to take their vehicles in terms of private repair shops. Owners who are aware of private maintenance shops feel that only those who work on luxury cars on a regular basis have the necessary knowledge to do the job right.


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