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10 Types of Car Paint Damage You Should Be Aware of

10 Types of Car Paint Damage You Should Be Aware of

10 Types of Car Paint Damage You Should Be Aware of

Car paint damage, whether big or small, is probably the least thing that a vehicle owner like you would ever want for your prized possession. But sometimes, no matter how careful you are, scratches and chips just seem to appear from nowhere. Unattended, these damages can ruin the appearance of your ride, leading to body repairs that can seriously burn a hole in your pocket.

This is why early detection and auto preventive maintenance are necessary to prevent further damage. But how can you prevent something that you are not aware of in the first place? At DetailXPerts, we prepared a list of different types of car paint damage to look out for.

Car Paint Damage: 10 Types

1. Sun Damage

Leaving your car unprotected and uncovered for long periods of time is a sure way to get those whitish, blotchy spots that the sun may cause. You can prevent this by parking under a shade or using a car cover. Additionally, periodic washing, waxing, and applying a sealant on the car can help minimize the effects of sunlight on your vehicle. Don’t lose hope if damage has already set in. Here’s a guide on how to repair sun damage to car paint.

Paint scratches happen when an object grazes your vehicle’s paint. This can happen when another car bumps into yours or when you accidentally hit your garage’s wall. Sometimes, if your little one runs his matchbox on your car’s surface, a paint scratch can follow, too. The only way to keep paint scratches at bay is by adding an extra layer of protection like car paint film or glass coating.

3. Paint Oxidation

Paint oxidation is a car paint damage that happens over time due to natural causes. Most of the time, it goes undetected, only becoming visible when it has already affected a large area. You’ll see them as ugly smoky-white blotches. You can prevent this by applying wax and sealant to you vehicle’s surface. Here is our guide on how to remove car paint oxidation in case you already have it.

4. Swirls

This is the most common type of car paint damage. Your vehicle can get them from automatic car washes that use stiff brushes or when wiping your ride’s surface with a dry or dirty towel. Another cause of swirls may be covering the vehicle with a soiled car cover. You can easily fix this by using steam cleaning and ensuring that all your car wash tools are spotlessly clean.

5. Clear Coat Peeling

Clear coat peeling is the result of several factors. These include the age of your vehicle’s paint, constant exposure to natural elements, and poor car maintenance. But all is not lost – here are some ways to protect your car’s clear coat from peeling.

6. Car Paint Damage from Tree Saps

See some glue-like spots on your vehicle’s paint? Chances are, these are caused by tree saps. Ignoring these spots can cause expensive body repair work later on. Remove them as soon as you notice them. Otherwise, they will harden and stick to your car’s clearcoat, making it impossible to remove them without damaging your car’s paint. You can prevent this by not parking your car under a tree as well as by cleaning and waxing it regularly. If all else fails, use this guide on how to remove tree sap stains from a car’s exterior.

7. Bird Droppings

Yes, bird droppings can cause car paint damage and this isn’t a fisherman tale. The best way to prevent this is to park your car away from trees, where most birds are nesting. If, however, your vehicle already has some, remove them immediately. Maintain the paint’s glossy finish by washing and waxing your car regularly.

8. Car Paint Fading

In most cases, car paint fading is caused by constant exposure to the sun’s violent rays. Other causes may be the use of harsh chemicals for cleaning and salty atmosphere. You can prevent the color fading by cleaning, polishing, and waxing your car on a regular basis. Parking the vehicle under a shade or pulling a cover over it will also help you a lot.

9. Paint Chips

Paint chips happen when gravel or small stones are thrown into the paint as the tires crush on them. Hence, you cannot really avoid this type of car paint damage. However, there are ways to fortify your vehicle’s surface like the application of car paint protection film or glass coating.

10. Car Paint Damage Caused by Premature Rusting

Rusting occurs when the metal part of your vehicle is exposed to the natural elements. You can prevent this by addressing issues like clearcoat peeling, paint chips, scratches, swirls, etc. early on in the process of their formation. Here are some more tips on how to rust proof your car.

These are just ten of the most common car paint damages. Ignoring them can lead to costly body repairs later. Schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts and our professional technicians will check and fix your car paint damage.

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