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How to Use an Auto Detailing Clay Bar on Your Car

How to Use an Auto Detailing Clay Bar on Your Car

How to Use an Auto Detailing Clay Bar on Your Car

When it comes to giving your car some serious and much-needed attention, it’s important to keep in mind that there are a hundred and one ways for you to do the job. There are professional auto detailing services that you can choose from, each one specifically designed to bring out beauty in your vehicle and help keep it running smooth for longer. At the same time, there are some clever do-it-yourself car care tips that you can perform on your own in under an hour.

So how should you clean your car? Regular appointments with your professional detailer should take care of most major problems, or nip minor ones right before they become a real issue. Regular washing in your own garage can also help get rid of dust, dirt, grease, and other unsightly things from your car’s interior and exterior.

If you truly want to maximize your car’s showroom shine to the fullest, there is one other cleaning step that you should think about doing every now and then. Claying your car can go a long way towards extending the high-class glossy look. It can also keep your car’s entire exterior free from contaminants that may damage it in the long run.

Why you need to use detailing clay

Clay bars present an innovative and effective solution for car owners who wish to protect their car’s bodywork from contaminants that may remain on the surface even after a thorough washing. Contaminants are not always visible to the naked eye, so you might think that your car is already clean and prepped for waxing after it dries out.

Spending an extra few minutes rubbing clay on your car can spell the difference between a clean car and a really clean, really polished one. The clay compound is very much like the Play-Doh that you goofed around with as a kid, only much more elastic and better at picking up stubborn brake dust or industrial pollution. A single clay bar can clean all the surfaces of your car, including the fiberglass, metal, and plastic surfaces.

So how do you clay bar your car? For either grade product, you will need a clay lubricant to help the clay bar pry off all the unwanted things from your car. Spray it onto the surface you wish to clean, usually 2 square feet, and then gently rub the clay bar on the wet area repeatedly until it glides freely across the surface. If it still sticks well, it means that there are still contaminants that have yet to be picked up by the clay.

Finish off the job by wiping the glassy, clean area with a microfiber towel. Any clay residue can be removed by spraying some more clay lubricant and wiping it off. When all the surfaces have been clayed, you’re ready to apply a wax or sealant product to keep in the glossy shine.

Claying a car can eat up a few more minutes of your day, but it will ultimately give you far superior cleaning results that really last.


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