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How to Rust Proof Your Car

How to Rust Proof Your Car

How to Rust Proof Your Car

Are you worried about the harmful effects of oxidation and corrosion on your car’s body? If your car is more than seven years old, or is not well-maintained even if relatively new, you should definitely worry. New cars are better able to withstand the moisture, weather conditions, dirt, and grime that are a car’s constant companion. Consequently, they hold up to rusting much better than the older models of previous years. However, even the latest-generation vehicle need regular upkeep and care to really hold up to rust for long. Have you ever wondered what steps one would take to rust proof their vehicle. Rust is even more of a concern for car owners who have had their vehicles for a while and are already seeing some visible patches of rust damage on their car’s chassis.

DIY How to rust proof your car

Rust proofing is an extra service that you can avail yourself of the next time you bring your car for detail work at your trusted car shop. Alternatively, you can also perform some do it yourself rust proofing tricks that can help you protect your car better against corrosion.

Your car’s body is mostly made up of galvanized steel that is especially treated to retain its integrity despite everyday wear and tear. A brand-new vehicle will not rust up within a year of use, unless you drive it under extreme environmental and weather conditions or are simply sloppy with your car care.

Cars with a good amount of mileage on them need extra care because they have not had the benefit of the latest rustproofing systems implemented by automobile manufacturers. As a car owner, you can choose to be proactive about your car’s rust proofing by purchasing ready-made rustproofing kits that you can use in the comfort of your own home.

Rust Proofing Kit

There is a DIY rustproofing kit for virtually every make, model, and size vehicle you can think of. Buying the right package ensures that you have just enough to treat your entire vehicle sufficiently. Rust proofing kits typically contain a variety of products, such as underbody wax, cavity wax, rust converter spray aerosol, and plastic blanking plugs.

It is best to work in a shaded area, such as inside your car port or garage, so that you keep out the sun, wind, and dirt from your vehicle. Start by cleaning the car’s exterior thoroughly. This way, you have a clean surface to work with. You should also be able to inspect the vehicle for problem areas more easily, especially the places where stone chips and scratched paint are most numerous.

Final Stages of rust proofing your car

Once you know which areas to focus on, you can coat them with a rust inhibitor. Allow the surface to dry completely before adding fresh layers of the product. You can also apply a bit of touch-up paint to cover up the worst exposed areas. Be sure to apply the paint in very thin layers and allow each one to dry completely before putting on a new coat. Finally, apply rustproofing waxes with the spray gun provided in the kit to finish the job.

Rust proofing is a rather tricky business. If you are not confident that you can perform the job properly or if you simply want professional expertise on the matter, call up DetailXPerts and let us handle the situation for you.


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