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How Much Does Interior Car Detailing Cost?

How Much Does Interior Car Detailing Cost

How Much Does Interior Car Detailing Cost?

How much does interior car detailing cost? We can break down the numbers for you. Bear in mind car detailing prices vary due to several factors, such as location and the size of your vehicle or the level of service you want. That’s why you can pay anything from $70 to $400 or more for professional detailing services.

Also, car interior detailing cost varies between detailers. So, research different service providers to find out what you get for your money. Download our Eco Wash Benefit Guide to learn more about our green cleaning:

Download Eco Car Wash Benefit Guide_Interior Car Detailing Prices

Interior Car Detailing Price Guide

Car interior detailing is something for anyone who loves a clean and fresh vehicle. In addition, a well-maintained interior can extend the lifespan of the upholstery, carpets, and surfaces. And this might benefit you financially when selling or trading in your car. But before you schedule an appointment, check out our guide to car interior detailing cost.

How Much Does Interior Car Detailing Cost Per Package?

How much does interior car detailing cost if you request different packages? And what do the detailers include in the price? Here is an idea of what to expect:

Basic Package Starting at $70

This type of package is suitable for vehicles in good overall condition. A well-cared for vehicle only needs basic car interior detailing and protection every 2-4 months.

  • Using best car interior cleaner on surfaces such as the dashboard, center console, door panels, and other hard surfaces to remove dust, fingerprints, and light dirt
  • Vacuum the interior, including seats, carpets, floor mats, and the trunk area
  • Clean door jambs
  • Clean glass (inside) with microfiber car cloths to remove smudges and steaks
  • Light stain removal for minor spills and spots
  • Apply conditioning protectant on interior trim pieces to achieve a clean and refreshed appearance

Note, a basic interior detailing package provides a quick refresh and clean-up of the interior. But it might not address deep stains, heavy dirt build-up, or or all the places to clean the inside of your car. If your car requires deep cleaning, upgrade to a higher-level detailing package, i.e., one that includes upholstery shampooing, leather conditioning, and and someone who knows how to remove stains from car seats. See below.

Premium Package Starting at $250

This high-level detailing includes everything from a basic detailing package, plus additional deep cleaning, and sanitization procedures to leave your car looking like new. For example:

  • Seat and upholstery steam cleaning
  • Clean and sanitize dash, console, headliner, carpets, mats, and other interior areas
  • Technicians who know how to get bad smell out of car
  • Stubborn stain removal
  • Apply premium conditioners to enrich and protect surfaces
  • Deep clean and condition leather seats (if you have them). Also, knowing how to get stains out of leather car seats. Extra protection and preservation of your car interior can increase interior car detailing price to $250 or more.

Download Eco Car Wash Benefit Guide_Interior Car Detailing Prices

Combination Packages Starting at $300

Also, look out for combination packages. It will cost more to add exterior detailing, but it may be the best-value deal because you get more for your money. For example, Presidential Detailing or a Premium Plus package guarantees a top-level clean, inside and out.

Specialty Services or Add-Ons

Top-rated detailers will happily offer specialty services or add-ons, which incur extra costs. For instance, you might want organic sanitizing to disinfect car interior.

Additionally, some detailers offer services like leather seat repair, removing dashboard scratches, and deep clean car interior including sanitizing the air/ventilation system.

Factors That Influence Interior Car Detailing Price


Where you live influences costs. For example, detailing services in urban areas or areas with a higher cost of living tend to be more expensive than services in rural areas. For example, the small town of Sedona, AZ, could charge $50 for basic interior detailing. Meanwhile, the same package in the city of Sacramento, CA, may set you back $70.

Size and Type of Vehicle

Vehicle size also influences interior car detailing price. Larger vehicles like SUVs, trucks, and vans typically have more interior space to clean, which requires more time and effort. Hence, the higher price. For instance, detailing a sedan could cost $90, providing it’s in good overall condition. Or you could spend $115 or more for a larger vehicle. The usual difference between a car and an SUV is around $15-$25, depending on your location.

Condition of the Vehicle

Expect to pay more if you have a very dirty car. For instance, if your car interior is heavily soiled, stained, or has specific issues like mold or excessive pet hair, the detailing provider will charge extra for the additional time and effort required. If this is the case, expect $25-$90 additional charge on top of the basic interior detailing package.

Similarly, a shabby car interior with faded upholstery will incur extra charges to repair and refresh materials. Hiring someone to steam clean car interior costs a bit more than basic detailing. For example, prices can start at $150 for sedans and $160-$200 for larger vehicles. Upholstery repair fees will depend on the extent of the damage and the type of material. I.e., restoring luxury leather seats is pricier than fabric repairs.

Professionalism and Reputation of the Car Detailer

Every car detailing business has its own auto detailing prices. Moreover, professionalism, experience, and reputation influence price lists. Statistics show there are nearly 200,000 people employed in the US car wash and auto detailing industry. Some are trainees, while others are experts with years of experience.

So, expect to pay more for highly trained detailers who use the latest car interior detailing tools and techniques to clean your vehicle. Also, a business that has been successfully trading for 20+ years with outstanding customer service may charge a little more. However, often these businesses offer loyal customers excellent deals and discounts.

Download Eco Car Wash Benefit Guide_Interior Car Detailing Prices

Charges per Hour or by Job

How much to detail a car interior also depends on whether the detailer charges per hour or by the job. If you look at an auto detail salary, you’ll see different price structures. For example, an experience detailer can charge $80 per vehicle. Meanwhile, a trainee might only charge $20. Therefore, ensure you ask for a quote before you commit to scheduling an appointment.

Detailing Products

How much to detail a car interior can by influenced by your detailer using the best car interior detailing products. For instance, you’ll pay more if your detailer is cleaning with organic products instead of conventional ones.

On average, expect to pay around 10% to 20% more for interior detailing services that use organic cleaning products. This price increase accounts for the higher cost of sourcing and producing organic and eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

For example, if a standard interior detailing package using conventional cleaning products costs $150, opting for the same package with organic cleaning products might cost you around $165-$225. It’s the price you pay for a healthier planet.

Car or Vehicle Brand

Your car brand can influence car interior detailing cost. For example, luxury cars often feature premium materials such as fine leather, high-end upholstery fabrics, and exotic wood or metal accents. Detailing these materials requires specialized products and techniques, which can contribute to higher costs.

Also, detailing luxury cars may require a specialized car interior detailing kit and training to properly clean and maintain high-end features like electronic displays and intricate controls. Similarly, often detailing a vintage car requires specialist techniques and products. So, it is worth researching the best way to detail car interior to ensure you get top car care.

Mobile Detailing vs Auto Detailing Shop

How much does interior car detailing cost for a mobile car detailing service? In short, it depends on your provider. If you get your car cleaned at your location, the detailer might charge more than someone who operates out of a fixed shop. That’s because you’re paying for convenience.

On the other hand, mobile auto detailing prices may work out cheaper because the service provider has no expensive overhead costs.


To sum up, car interior detailing cost can range from $70 to $400. Meanwhile, popular premium packages are around $250. To navigate the price differences, you must consider your specific needs, budget, and expectations. Researching different detailing providers, reading reviews, and asking for quotes can help you understand what each package offers. Then you can decide which detailing service suits your best.

If you want to learn more about how we clean cars the greener way, download our free Eco Wash Benefit Guide:

Download Eco Car Wash Benefit Guide_Interior Car Detailing Prices


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