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How Is High-speed Buffing Different from Other Buffing Jobs?

How Is High-speed Buffing Different

How Is High-speed Buffing Different from Other Buffing Jobs?

High-speed buffing works to increase the efficiency of waxing, compounding, and polishing. Instead of performing each of those steps individually to result in a replenished car exterior, this does it all-in-one. Overall, this process removes a very small layer from your vehicle’s paint. For example, this would eliminate layers of dirt and grime that might have accumulated on the surface. It opens up a fresh slate for the car.

What Is High-speed Buffing?

The high-speed buffing method allows for more superior results than other buffing practices. This technique involves using a high-speed buffer to improve the overall look of a car. However, most auto detailers tend to stray away from this method due to the risk. When used incorrectly, high-speed buffing burns paints, melts plastic, leaves swirls, and causes other damages. Despite the risk, the results are phenomenal when done correctly.

High-speed Buffing Equipment

The two most commons types of buffers are high-speed rotary buffers and random orbital (dual-action) buffers. The dual-action buffer essentially imitates hand motions except at a much faster pace. The small amount of heat build-up allows the risk of exterior damage to be low. In addition, this piece of equipment requires far less experience to operate and handle.

The high-speed rotary buffer gives the best results for removing deeper paint scratches and swirls. This brush provides continuous motion on a fixed point resulting in more heat. However, this increases the chances of paint burning. This risk tends to determine which buffer people use. One advantage to using the rotary buffer is the ability to correct the mistakes if you accidentally cause swirls on the car paint.

When Should You Perform High-speed Buffing?

Not every cosmetic issue that occurs on the exterior of a vehicle requires a high-intensity buffing process.  However, this can improve the appearance of your car.

  • Oxidation

That ugly chalky appearance from neglecting to wax or cover a car with protective material comes from paint oxidation. This happens when the car’s paint reacts with oxygen in the air. Typically the only way to fix this issue is buffing.

  • Scratches and Swirls

Over time, cars develop swirls and scratches on the exterior car paint. However, remember that high-speed buffing eliminates deep scratches but does not need to be used for small, surface damage. A remover gets rid of lighter scratches with little to no effort.

Other Cases When You Can Use High-speed Buffing
  • Yellow Headlights

Headlights begin to develop a foggy appearance over time. Others begin to turn yellow from the wear and tear. Temperature, time, and other factors all cause these issues to occur, which threatens the safety of not only you but others on the road as well. High-speed buffing can be performed on headlights to eliminate the film that develops.

  • Chemical Etching

This cosmetic nuisance occurs when bird droppings, sap, or acid rain stays on a car’s exterior for too long.  All of these natural hazards react with a vehicle’s paint causing etching. As well the other issues on the list, use a dual-action buffer to erase the damage.

  • Lack of Luster

Over time cars will lose their shiny clear coats due to chemicals from car washes, temperature, and oxygen. A clear coat is there to protect the car paint from outside exposure. To avoid this, make sure you are polishing and waxing your car regularly. Polishing and waxing can both be done by hand or by using the same equipment for normal buffing.

Overall, high-speed buffing becomes the best solution when the exterior appearance of your car needs work. However, due to the risks involved in this process, it’s best to leave to the professionals. DetailXPerts, an eco-friendly, mobile auto detailing company, offers specialty detailing including high-speed buffing. Our technicians are top-notch and will restore your car to its former glory.

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