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How Eco Auto Detailing Services Help Protect Animals

How Eco Auto Detailing Helps Protect Animals

How Eco Auto Detailing Services Help Protect Animals

Our environment is polluted with plastics, chemical waste, and other non-biodegradable materials. They have turned our soil into toxic ground and our water into a poisonous pool. In turn, these now affect animal lives. This Animal Cruelty Prevention Month, let’s look at how eco auto detailing can help protect animals from the harmful effects of pollution.

How Does Eco Auto Detailing Help Protect Animals?

Animals, in particular, are susceptible to the negative effects of chemicals and changes in the environment. Let’s list down the ways in which eco auto detailing can help protect them.

Keeping the Storm Drains Clean

Eco auto detailing uses organic cleaning materials and a very minimal amount of water for cleaning vehicles. This prevents wash water, shampoo, oily grime, car wax, and other toxic chemicals from polluting storm drains. Since this drain is designed to funnel rainwater directly to a waterway where animals drink from, eco auto detailing, in a way, prevents animals from ingesting chemically-laden water that may lead to their death.

Protects Marine Life

Unlike regular car washes, eco auto detailing procedures like steam cleaning use no chemical cleaning agents. Most soaps and shampoos contain phosphates that can react with water to facilitate the growth of algae. This doesn’t seem so bad, right? But algae extracts oxygen from water to survive. Too many algae will drastically reduce the water’s oxygen level. Thus, water becomes uninhabitable for fish. Soap detergents are also known to harm fish by damaging their gills and skin.

Saves Water

Eco auto detailing helps conserve precious water because it uses very little of it to clean an entire vehicle. For comparison, a DIY car wash will use about 50 to 60 gallons of water to clean just ONE vehicle while eco car washes that use steam cleaning technology can clean more than 450 vehicles using the same amount of water. That’s approximately 1 pint of water per vehicle! Imagine how much water will be saved if all full service car wash companies use steam technology. Water that can instead sustain wildlife.

No Dirty and Oily Run-off

Since ordinary car washes use so much water, contaminants like oil and grime are carried off to drains. Ultimately, this leads to the pollution of large bodies of water. Eco auto detailing uses very little water so there is little chance for it to carry with it oil and dirt that comes off from cars. Without water to carry the contaminants, it would remain on the cement to dry.

If you find it surprising that your car cleaning activities can cause harmful effects to our ecosystem, you are not alone. Hopefully, this article shows you that something as simple as eco car detailing or knowing what products to use when detailing your car’s interior can help conserve our environment not only for us, but also for the animals who we share this planet with.

At DetailXPerts, we are doing our part by effectively harnessing the power of steam to wash and detail vehicles. Our patent-pending method uses 90% less water than a regular car wash. Yet, it delivers superior clean and shine all the time. Check out our nature-friendly car spa concept and consider giving your car the right treatment while helping preserve the beauty of nature.

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