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Eco Car Detailing – 10 Things You Can Do to Save the Environment

Eco Car Detailing - 10 Things You Can Do to Save the Environment

Eco Car Detailing – 10 Things You Can Do to Save the Environment

Thoroughly cleaning a car requires time and effort. This might be the reason why sometimes, when detailing a vehicle, some people don’t bother to know the effect of the materials they use on the environment. For them, that’s just a waste of time. But did you know that learning some eco car detailing tips can help save water, the environment, and ultimately, the future generations?

Eco Car Detailing: 10 Things You Can Do

1. Clean on the Grass

The different chemicals used to wash a car can be very hazardous to the environment. The grass helps filter the toxic substances from the water. It stops chemical run-off from going down sewage drains leading into nearby bodies of water, thus protecting the fish and other marine animals.

2. Use the Hose Less

One of the best ways to help the environment is by conserving water. When washing a car, the hose is often left running continuously. Instead, use a bucket and sponge and turn off the hose. This prevents the need for constant water flow. Another option is to fill a small spray bottle and use it with a sponge on the dirty areas of the vehicle.

3. DIY Window Cleaner for DIY Eco Car Detailing

Most people believe that you need window cleaners like Windex that possesses harsh chemicals to get a streak-free window. However, the same effects can be achieved using an eco car detailing mixture. To make a homemade window cleaner, mix equal amounts of distilled vinegar and tap water in a spray bottle. The same solution also cleans your car’s body as well, but make sure to use water to rinse it off the paint. Vinegar on a car’s paint causes the color to fade over long periods of time.

4. Clean Frequently

Waiting too long to wash your car causes the use of more water than normal. Most people wait until their vehicles are visually dirty before cleaning. Consistently washing your car prevents grime build up on the exterior. The layers of dirt usually require more water, scrubbing, and time to get rid of. The average gardening hose uses about 10 gallons of water per minute. Thus, a couple extra minutes means 20 more gallons of water used.

5. Create Your Own Wax

Do it yourself projects are one of the best ways for eco car detailing. Creating your own wax reduces the need for waxes containing unsafe chemicals. To create your own wax, mix two parts olive oil to one part lemon juice. Afterward, use a cloth or toothbrush to mix the solution before use.

6. Pressure Washing as Part of Eco Car Detailing

Using an actual pressure washer or a hose attachment can help conserve water and save the environment. A pressure washer uses up to 75% less water than a traditional hose. Considering the speed and pressure with which the water comes out, it takes less time to complete the task. Eco-friendly detergents are also available for use with the pressure washer. We recommend using these because they need less water for rinsing and prevent nasty chemicals from polluting storm drains.

7. Reusable Products

Some people use paper towels or napkins to wipe dirt off the exterior and windows. However, a microfiber towel allows for fewer paper products to be utilized and wasted. Others suggest an old t-shirt that essentially works the same. This helps promote eco car detailing.

8. Eco Car Detailing Goes with Eco-Friendly Products

Utilize organic products to wash your car. Brands like Simple Green Car Wash are non-toxic, biodegradable, and nonhazardous. This solution easily removes tough stains and won’t harm your car’s finish. Additionally, many of these eco car detailing products are plant-based cleaning agents and don’t have any toxic fumes that could affect your health. Sadly, no matter how much you scrub and rinse, harsh chemicals leave a residue.

9. Pay Attention

One of the easiest, but most difficult things to do. Getting distracted while detailing a car is one of the simplest ways to waste water, time, or cleaning products. Multitasking allows for opportunities like leaving the hose running or spilling water. For example, if you try doing different tasks, you might go over a spot that has already been cleaned. Thus, you have to repeat the process.

10. Call the Pros

Not every car wash or auto detailer is eco-friendly, but there are some that can greatly reduce your environmental footprint. If the rest of these tips seem a little too stressful, consider professional detailers. They have the right tools, materials and manpower to do the job.

DetailXPerts, for example, details your car with patent-pending steam cleaning technology. Our technicians are trained to detail your car in the most eco-friendly way possible. Our technology allows us to clean 15 cars with only 2 gallons of water with no runoff.

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