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Full Service Car Wash – How Does It Harm the Environment?

Full Service Car Wash - How Does It Harm the Environment

Full Service Car Wash – How Does It Harm the Environment?

Car owners use the services of traditional car washes for a variety of reasons; they lack the time to do it themselves, they lack the necessary tools and materials or they have already learned about the impact of DIY car washing. But do they know that a full service car wash can still harm the environment even if it uses less water than their DIY or in-bay automatic/rollover counterparts?

What Harm Can a Full Service Car Wash Do?

In what way can a full service car wash harm the environment? Is it not equipped with government-required facilities?

Yes, some full service car wash businesses can still harm the environment by:

Aggravating the Current Water Crisis

Water, the most essential liquid for the sustenance and development of all living things is starting to show signs of depletion. Studies show that almost a third of the world’s population is undergoing water crisis. This is why governments all over the world urge their citizens to save as much water as they can. Yes, a full service car wash uses less water than other types of car washes, but when you consider the total number of cars that are cleaned in full service car washes in a daily basis; you are talking about wasting tons of water every single day – water which could quench the thirst of millions of people and might even save their lives.

Wastewater Disposal Issues

It is true that car washes are mandated by law to build facilities and equip them with tools and equipment that will facilitate the safe passage of wastewater. But there is no saying when accidental leaks may happen. These may come from cracked pipes from both private and public wastewater treatment facilities – a fact that even the Environmental Protection Agency is aware of. The seepage that comes from these leaks may contaminate storm drains, beaches and groundwater, which can be very alarming considering that some areas in the world still depend on groundwater for drinking, cooking, bathing and other activities where clean water is called for.

Threaten Marine Life

Both full service and self serve car washes use detergents and other cleaning solutions which can damage the mucous membranes of fish. This makes them vulnerable to a wide variety of bacteria-related diseases. At certain levels, detergents can kill even the eggs or produce abnormalities in young fishes. Oils and other substances can contaminate sea grass, algae, plankton and other materials which fish feed on in order to survive.

Exposure to Harsh Chemicals

Full service car wash businesses use a lot of auto detailing products that contain all kinds of harsh chemicals which can threaten anyone’s health and safety. Car wash workers who do not wear the necessary working gear can contract lung and respiratory diseases, skin diseases, heart ailments, burns and infections from toxic fumes and spills. Even you and your family’s health and safety may be at risk from the residue left behind each time you have your car detailed.

Escalate the Growth of Harmful Plants and Organisms in the Water

Constant exposure to harmful chemicals and detergents can pollute surface waters, killing fish and other types of marine life. This will also encourage harmful bacteria and plants that block sunlight to thrive, turning a once-beautiful and reliable source of food for both man and animals into an ugly, foul-smelling dead body of water.

How would you like to fight the degradation of our waters? Yes, you can. Start by choosing a green car wash that supports and values your love for the environment.

Would you like to learn more about how a full service car wash can damage the environment? Or maybe you would like to experience the green way of washing a car? Then, check out our sustainability page which contains all source of information that can help you out.


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