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How to Apply Paint Protection Film without Damaging Your Car Paint

How to Apply Paint Protection Film without Damaging Your Car Paint

How to Apply Paint Protection Film without Damaging Your Car Paint

A car enthusiast like you search for new ways to protect your prized possession, not only to protect its beauty but more importantly, extend its life. With the constant increase in prices of brand new and even used cars and escalating fees of body shops, car paint protection film is obviously the more practical option.

Can You Apply Paint Protection Film to Your Car?

Can you do it yourself? We at DetailXPerts do not encourage you to do so, unless you have the following:

The Proper Tools and Equipment

Applying paint protection film does not need expensive tools and equipment. All you will need is a liter of tap water mixed with 3-5 drops of dishwashing liquid; a squeegee; some rubbing alcohol; and a pin or a needle. The dishwashing solution will serve as a medium to allow easier and more effective application; the squeegee will help remove excess water and ensure a more even application; the rubbing alcohol will remove the dishwashing liquid; while the pin or needle may be needed in case blistering occurs. Other tools and must-use detailing products to keep your car paint safe  are detailing cloths, adhesive remover, glass cleaner, etc. depending on the state of your car’s exterior.

The Right Atmosphere

As much as possible, apply car paint protection film in a room where you can control the temperature. Avoid applying it outdoors because sunlight, wind and the dust and debris it may carry will affect your application and worse, lead to flaws that may damage your car’s paint in the long run. Favorable temperature for this application is between 15° C to 30° C and winds at 5 mph.

The Right Environment

When applying car paint protection film, every inch of your car must be dustless and free of any kind of debris. This is because the smallest dirt may cause a bump that may ruin your film later. Of course, the only way to achieve this type of cleanliness is to wash and dry your car thoroughly. Here’s a tip: you can do this in half the time if you know how to use a steam cleaner in cars. The same with the table or surface you will use to spread the film on. Make sure that your hands are very clean as well because any fingerprint will be very difficult to remove after the film has adhered to the surface.

The Right Car Surface

Your car’s exterior paint needs to be very dry and totally cured before you apply paint protection film. If you just had your car repainted, it is best to wait for at least a month before using this material on your car. Uncured paint will only adhere to the film, thus causing ugly chipping when you need to remove your PPF later on.

The Proper Technique

Technique is what distinguishes a pro from an amateur. The expert has already acquired extensive experience in applying car paint protection film. Thus, he knows the amount of pressure he has to apply to the squeegee and which stroke to use in a particular area to create the best results. He works fast because he has already learned to avoid strokes that cause bubbles or blisters and because he has already learned to estimate just the right wetness (therefore eliminating the use of more squeegee strokes) to produce a desirable effect.

If you have all of the above, and you are confident enough of your skills, then why not apply paint protection film by yourself? Otherwise, ask the detailing shop in your neighborhood. They have the tools and expertise to give you the results that you need.

Would you like to learn more car detailing tips? Please visit our blog. It contains vital information about car washing and car detailing that you can definitely benefit from.

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